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New Bike

I ignored the first to uShip but someone recommended me, I found the idea great auction transport, pay and conditions. I chose the best option and I could bring my new bike from Conway to Miami without a problems.I would use again

Inernational Arrangements

I marvel at the age we live in. I live in Brisbane, Australia and was able to purchase a rare and desirable motorcycle from Omaha Nebraska. Normally I spend time searching the internet for a shipping company willing to pick up bikes I buy from inside the US. UShip made the process no more difficult than buying the bike was. I can now buy, pay for and ship a bike from the heart of the USA into my ...

1972 240Z race car

The vehicle we shipped is a vintage 240z race car which we purchased in Oregon and shipped to northern Washington State for restoration, and return to vintage car racing. Due to the rarity, and condition of the vehicle, we were really concerned about shipping the vehicle, and even considered doing it ourselves. After reading Rod's UShip feedback though, we decided to try him and are extremely ...

Great uShip experience

First time using uShip to take care of the delivery of a car. An easy & professional process. Will do it again!


Quick pick up and quick delivery from my motorcycle. Everything went very smooth. U-ship: easy to use and good to see feedback from shippers, so you can choose.

Easy process and got the job done.

Shipping a boat from the US to Canada and I didn't know how to go about it. Uship made transport available and the job was well done. Duboismarine did and excellent job and I would use uship again.

Tolle Erfahrung mit dem Versand von Umzugsgütern

Ich habe private Umzugsgüter via uShip von Deutschland in die USA versendet. Durch den Versand über uShip habe ich etwa 1000€ gespart. Die Spedition 'Frachtvertrieb' hatte mir alle Fragen sehr freundlich, geduldig und ausführlich im Voraus beantwortet. Meine Artikel wurden gut verpackt und verladen und waren schon nach nur 10 Tagen am Ankunftsort. Ich würde uShip jederzeit wieder nutzen und weit ...

73 FLH from Colorado to California

Jeremy was excellent,very professional and goods delivered exactly in the time frame discussed.Did not once have to check on him or prompt him and was advised on the day the bike arrived in California.Excellent service,Highly recommended

towing toyota yaris from LA to TX,

a little problems beacause i was in central america, but all the comunications by email and all end perfect, thanks

Shipment of a 71 Corvette Stingray

I found a very nice 71 Corvette Stingray on Ebay, it was a bit of a risk as I hadnt seen it in the flesh, but the seller was a dealer & he supplied me with plenty of photos. I decided to call him & had a good long chat about the vehicle, so my mind was put to rest. A deal was struck up. Next was shipping!!!! Where to go? I tried uShip... so easy, just put in pick up details & drop off details ...

Ford F350

We have a Ford F350 1977 and it needed to be shipped from Yerington NV to San Fran. CA and then it will be shipped to the Netherlands. Using UShip is quick and easy and it saved us a lot of money at least $300. Erick's Express dit a great job under the circumstances, thank you Erick that you still made it possible.We would use UShip again in the future!!!!

Very happy

About the service offered Fernando Gonzalez, I have nothing more to commend and recommend it widely, is a person who knows his stuff, plan your job well, he turned to 100% which offered me. Also highlighted in their individual characteristics very difficult to get these days: 1 Honesty, 2 Professionalism, 3 Responsibility. I thank God for trusting his proposal, as I proposed to spend only what i ...


2 cancellations with no penalty to service provider. Had to wait 72 hours to get prepaid funds back from Uship when service provider did not show and would not return either my calls and emails or Uships calls or emails.

Mi experiencia en uship

Me a servido mucho esta herramienta, no siempre los resultados son como uno espera, pero siempre me dan solución a mis problemas y siempre recibo la atención y ayuda cuando la solicito. El equipo de Cobre y Maquinaria Astro les agradece sus finas atenciones.

uship has no department to speak to someone

Just a quick rant....people beware uship only gives a credit to you if your shipper is a no show.they don't refund only credit and no department to call..no phone numbers ...Second shipper I found same price and uship charged me 278$more then first one...no one to complain to get my money back...big scam

Great experience shipping my antique jeep chassis

The vendor did an excellent job communicating and picking up the chassis; hauling the chassis point to point; and delivering in record time. Excellent hauler and we'll use them again when needed.

Great experience shipping my vehicle

Great job shipping 2005 dodge magnum in inoperable condition from Va to FL. Was looking for affordable carrier for more than a month without a success. These guys from G&A Logistics did this job for less than a week from moment of the booking. The car was loaded and unloaded as it should. Very easy and convenient service. Thanks.

my dog kumo

Kumo and I flew from Canada to Texas to visit my bf when I was coming home he wasn't allowed on the flight because it was to cold then I had to wait another 2 months for them to take the band off animals flying uderneith the plane and at this point it was to hot for him to fly....I was lucky enough to have Joe Mullin place a bid an I accepted it an they came all the way to Canada to bring me my ba ...

Good Job!

i'm in outside Us and i can communicate only email. i could not communicate via Email but He did his job well and i heard progress from client ( pickup, delivery area ), Good Driver !

Boat @ Trailer

Bought a boat on line in Kingman AZ. Kids were back in school, so a road trip was out of the question. I thought if I could get it delivered with in a days drive for me I could leave work. I found a shipper that could meet my requirement to a tee. I went through with it and no issues at all. When all said and done it was a positive experience, and would do again.

700 pound anvil in USA shipped 3000 miles to Canada

Saved over 1200 dollars and had my dream anvil delivered . If I did not use u ship and land a competitive quote from a large logistics company ( ECHO GLOBAL) I could not of afforded this anvil .

Shipped a Sailboat from Iowa to Washington destined for BC, Canada

We had Witter shipping deliver our Hunter 260 which we bought used from a fellow in Iowa. We saved some cash buying out of the USA and were happy with the uShip experience. Some of our bids were as much as 3 times the price, so the money we saved allowed us to make a vacation out of meeting our shipper in Washington, over a 12 hour drive from the central interior of British Columbia, Canada. Joh ...

2+1horse trailer..

Gene was very prompt to reply to my questions. I felt he made an extra effort to put in a very competitive first bid. He is in business to do business . He kept us updated and was right on time actually early with our trailer when meeting us at the boarder. He spent the extra time to help hook up to our truck. And that was appreciated. I would recommend and use his services again!


organising transport of motorcycle to Chicago whilst in the UK, was fairly straight forward as this was the first time it was new to me, no problems with the service provider,but the U Ship format of application at the end did not say if the transaction was complete,would have liked conformation that it had been booked correctly before i left the site. also is it common practice to have to give th ...

Low cost shipping

Uship is a great way to compare low rates for shipping. I saved a lot of time and money using this site. Highly recommended.

Boy was I wrong

I had 2 transaction with UPHIP and both were excellent experiences. At first I had my drought that I was going to get a good service with USHIP.....boy was I wrong. It seems like USHIP have hand picked the shippers. Both shippers I used were very friendly and professional. My experience with USHIP was smooth and flawless. Thanks USHIP

Shipped classic Jaguar

Overall experience was very good. We received several bids and found an excellent transporter as a result. He transported our classic Jaguar on time and with great communication. Jag was received perfectly.

motorcycle move

It sometimes gets a little difficult trying to organise shipping in the US whilst in the UK, you have to have constant info from the truck driver as to his location and hopefully keep to times with the pick up and delivery,with the time difference all you need is to be left out of the loop and things can go tits up very fast.its hard as sometimes the person who should be at pick up stuffs up and t ...

motorcycle move

It sometimes gets a little difficult trying to organise shipping in the US whilst in the UK, you have to have constant info from the truck driver as to his location and hopefully keep to times with the pick up and delivery,with the time difference all you need is to be left out of the loop and things can go tits up very fast.its hard as sometimes the person who should be at pick up stuffs up and t ...

Caprice Shipping, mixed, but still good!

Hi The first shipper I booked with, did not actually go through with the pick up and left me to hang on for 6 weeks, while giving assurances that they would get the car picked up as soon as possible, they were a shipping broker from Florida. I canceled the shipment with them and instead chose a local transport company who were brilliant kirkramsey06, was reliable, honest and friendly and g ...

Dover shipment

I was quoted ocally some outrageous prices and this guy did the job for a very reasonabl price..awesome JM

Grady white 226

It was a 5000 kilometer haul and the drivers were great , they met me at the border and the boat and trailer were in perfect condition,If your going to deal with this company consider yourself very lucky if you get Luiz and Angel as your drivers , they are nice honest people, possibly you should even request them


Siempre me han dado solución y el equipo de uship siempre me ha apoyado con cualquier duda que he tenido.

Jetski Hull

Shipped a bare jetski hull. It was a great experience for my first time using Uship, I'll definitely do it again.

shipping Bayliner175 I bought from ebay seller

It is not easy to coordinate dates and hour when you are not the shipper, that is why it is important to find a good driver, I wish could have more info on the drivers who send their quote, it feel like a mater of luck choosing the driver. Why dont you offer insurance along with the service fee. Recived a lot of quotes, at the end I had a good price and excellent driver

shipment of trailer

To be short and simple, my experence was nothing less then Awsome. when i purchased a trailer on the other side of the country i was worried on how the thing was going to get home. Uship thank you

motorcycle transport

my first time with Uship but have to see it has been a good and pleasant experience and has enabled me to buy something in a place where I would normally have no way of collecting from.So top marks to Uship!

wonderful for the first-time user!

It was first time for me to use Uship. A little uncosy at first when i had to list my boxes, but thanks to a seller who i bought the stuff from, he explained patiently and in details all i needed to do. After choosing the shipping company, not only did they give me a discount, but they also took their time and patience to guide me through the process of filling the docs and forms. All in all, i am ...

bid through UShip, bib won by Montway job handled by Umbrella

I placed a LR3 for shipment from Denver to NY. Montway won the bid. all good to there. but Montway laid the contract off to Umbrella, that's were the problems started they turned up late at garage to pick the car up saying that the garage and 10 staff left early???? then the car arrived in NJ 2 days early and I got some rude bullying Russian lady insisting i drive 25 mile to a random depot to col ...

Great Exprience with Shipper - No so much with uShip

Shipper was excellent and very professional. Cant say the same about uShip - email client completely bogus (asked to reply to emails and you cant with their system although you are led to believe so with their email client. Their payment system is also disconnected and very confusing.

Shipping a 64 Cadillac from Toronto to LA

All in all it worked out. The car arrived well and in perfect condition. The price was good. But the car got picked up too late and was also delivered too late. And the transport company would not really specify an exact pickup date and time.

Facilidad en todo

He tenido inconvenientes con un transportista y lo han resuelto, y los otros enivios han sido satisfactorios.

Delivery of BMW

Outstanding service, communication and delivery! Highly recommend for anybody who needs to transport anything! Will definitely use again in the future!

excelente alternativa.

no era facil conseguir companias que ofrecieran el traslado desde Canada, y gracias a este sistema se logro al mejor precio.

Great service.

I was shipping two vehicles that were on an tight schedule and I was on a budget but uShip handled everything in a timely and non expensive manner. Loved it, thank u very much. Happy customer.

Delivered on time earlier actually great

Good communication and delivered before the due date which was great cuz we were on a tight time line

Great Experience shipping my Boat

First time using u-ship. Bought a boat in California and had it shipped to upstate NY. U-ship not only allowed me to save money, but to choose a carrier that had reviews showing me past hauls. I could easily decipher each carrier by the type of hauls they had experience in, which provided me extra piece of mind when choosing a carrier. I also used U-Ship payments to complete my sale. This als ...

Professional shipment of expandable snow pusher box.

Had never shipped anything from outside continental US, and Tall Trees Logistics was able to refer me to a customs broker who in turn was also very helpful. Overall a seamless transaction.

Tiny Toy Poodle

I needed to transpot a puppy from U.S. to Switzerland. Marc gave an excellent service for a great prize, uncomplicated, very kind and from door to door!uShip allowed me to transport the puppy for 70% less of the prize of a German or Swiss shipping company.

Best experience to ship my sailboat on a trailer to Florida

In 2009, we experienced the dream of bringing our sailboat from Quebec, Canada to Florida. We enjoy this very long trip. In 2014, we decide to use a truck moving to do so. We are very happy to say that it was a very good decision. The quality and professionnal work provided by WWBS transport was appreciate.

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