Canada Shipping Stories (Special Care Items)

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Moose travels 2000km with no legs

"George" has been on our wall above the piano, watching over our family and guests for years. When my parents decided it was time to move from Winnipeg, George (the mounted moose head that my father had hunted) had to move too. His new home? My brother's new hunting/fishing outfitting store in Kelowna - a perfect fit, except, he wouldn't be walking there on his own... Where do you even begin? O ...

Scooter delivery -Canada

Jackie Dempere, Great communication, we always knew where she was with out shipment. Scooter arrived in Canada on time and in perfect condition. We highly recommend Jackie Dempere to anyone.

Shippng a crate with artwork to my galley in the US

I am a Canadian artist based in Toronto. Occasionally I need to ship my large scale oil paintings, framed, to my dealer in SF. I built this crate that was 88"x60"x16" to put 6 large painting inside. Through Uship I was able to accept a bid from Jones LTL who are brokers for several carriers. The carrier in this case was YRC inc. The driver who picked up the crate was very experienced, he was able ...

Plasma TV from Florida to Canada.

Having heard many horror stories, on the high end audio and video sites, about the "usual suspects" in the Currier providing field, I reckoned to be worthwhile to throw in an extra $150 and get a potential safer pick up, shipping and delivery or my fragile load (class 300!). I've set my target price at a reasonable level and made a thorough, full description of the merchandise and of my expectati ...

Shipped BMW seats from Ontario to Vancouver

First time using this u-ship website, love the concept, had a great experience, will definitely be using u-ship again next time I have large items to be shipped long distances. A++ for u-ship! Boxer2, Ontario, Canada

Amazing experience shipping my artwork

I'm a Canadian Artist and for the first time I had been asked by a gallery in Phoenix, AZ to ship 9 pieces of my bas-relief paintings to their gallery. Great news, until I started investigating shipping options - what a nightmare! The prices were huge and the service unexceptional, I nearly gave up and almost called the gallery back to cancel, when I stumbled upon UShip. Within minutes I had my ...

Great experience shipping my special care item

I was shipping a large baptismal tank for our new church. Using uShip was alot easier than I thought, and I saved ALOT of money doing it that way! My service provider was fantastic - he was helpful, courteous, friendly, prompt and went out of his way to deliver my item at a low cost to me. I would definitely use uShip again! Thanks for the great service!

2 Large Aquariums

I saved hundreds of dollars booking my move through uShip. I needed to move 2 large and very heavy aquariums (150G and 225G with matching stands) to my home that I had purchased from a seller 2 hours away. Every quote I had received prior to trying uShip was between $500-$1200. Through uShip I was able to secure a Service Provider for $140, saving me great deal of money. I found the site and s ...

Hardwood flooring pick up

Needed a skid of flooring picked upi and delivered. First of all the price was excellent and the service and care taken to keep my load dry was exceptional. Very satisfied customer. Will not hesitate to use again. Regards Ron Haggart

estate collectables and breakables

we were unfortuneately left with the task of dealing with an estate of a woman who had no famly in the province. all her valuable iems needed to be shipped to another province. we used uship to do so and couldnt be happier with our experience, and the price was right and the service was above par


went smooth, cannot complain one bit. thought it was a gonna be harder and heavier than it acctually was. very knowlegeable and made it easy

Console Stereo

I live in a small city iNorthwestern Ontario Canada. A passion of mine of late has become antique stereo consoles. It is certainly not an easy go finding these in my little city. That's why UShip is so great! Not only can I find these majestic consoles, now I can afford to ship them to my home!

Anitque rocking chair

Our chair was shipped from North York Ontario and travelled out the west coast before arriving in central Alberta. Our carrier drove through bad weather, bad health and a short mechanical malfunction. He kept us informed the whole way. We knew where he was and what was going on. He was always pleasant and when our chair arrived safe and sound we couldn't have been more pleased. Hats off to Jo ...

Excellent service

What a positive experience with TGS. Not only did the owner backtrack 200 km to pick up my shipment, the goods were temperature sensitive and he took all precautions to ensure its care . . . and on-time delivery. The Uship experience was positive and I'd use the service again.

Pick-up an aircraft wing in Florida and bring it at home in Quebec

I had a few bids made by general transport companies and the price that those companies were charging to bring my aircraft wing from Florida to Quebec were out of reach. I was telling a friend of mine that I was going drive to Florida with my car and trailer to pick-up an aircraft wing. He told me that I should go to USHIP on Internet and ask for a bid. I had no idea that a service like this di ...

coin rides

I am so very happy with Prime Express Ltd. they took very good care of my items made sure that they got here safe and on time. the office staff went out of her way to make sure things were in order so my shipment could be picked up and dropped off on time the driver was very helpful to make sure that all of my items put where i wanted them i would use them again any time and would recomand them ...

Fantastic Work

QE2 Express did a fantastic job with this shipment. The loading situation was much more difficult than I expected, and they went above and beyond to get the job done. I have had bad experiences with 'professional' movers in the past, that didn't have the time of day for me. John and his team kept me up to date, and put in a lot of extra effort to get the job done.

Experience with uShip

Very professional and easy to deal with. I was stuck moving a fragile piece of furniture and shipping it with a big moving company which was really expensive and they really didn't want my business. Found uShip on-line and it really worked out.


I was able to have a piano shipped from Saskatoon, Sk to Sudbury, ON for about half the price I was quoted by a shipping firm. The shipper I went through was very professional, and kept in contact with me throughout the shipping process.

Erstaunlich, wie gut und einfach hier selbst komplizierte Transporte gehen.

Wir sind eine kleine Firma hier in Deutschland und mussten eine Maschine, die wir in Kanada gekauft hatten, in eine Stadt in den USA liefern, ohne das Teil zwischenzeitlich nach Deutschland zu holen. Wir brauchten als jemand, der das Gerät abholt, verpackt, transportiert und irgendwie durch den Zoll bringt. Für eine grosse Speditionen war das wohl ein etwas zu kleines Auftragsvolumen, zumindest ha ...

China cabinet

Roland shipped an antique china cabinet from Edmonton to Grande Prairie for me. He ran into horrible road conditions and his vehicle broke down on a Sunday in Fox Creek. The cabinet arrived in perfect condition at a very reasonable price, only 1 day late! I saved about $500.00 by using uShip.I would recommend Roland's service to anyone. I will not hesitate using uShip again as I have always had g ...

Shipping Fragile Items

We had a several containers of china and a cedar chest that we need to ship to a family member. Our items were picked up on time and delivered quickly. We were updated the entire time even when there was a delay due to a snowstorm en route. We saved quite a bit of money compared to shipping the items commercially. Our service provider MLChampagne did a great job securing our items and realized ...

Stories: 1 - 22 of 22