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10 Boutique Furniture and Decor Retailers to Follow On Instagram

From picture-perfect vacations to immersive museums prime for sharing, it seems like everywhere you look people are “doing it for the gram.” This trend has most recently made its way into the furniture and decor world, where consumers are feeling the social pressure to create scroll-stopping spaces right in their own homes.

According to our Dream Decor Report 2019 – where we asked digital-first shoppers about their online buying habits – 18% of those surveyed said they feel compelled to purchase Instagram-worthy decor. The same survey also uncovered that 25% of these customers are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found on big-box websites like Amazon or Wayfair.

For boutique furniture and decor sellers, this means showing off your goods in a creative, eye-catching way has never been more imperative. Not only is Instagram a huge driver for brand discovery, but it’s increasingly becoming a space where the customer journey begins. Bottom line: Creating lifestyle imagery centered around your products can make all the difference in a customer being able to visualize your decor in their life (and shopping cart).

Here, we take a look at 10 boutique furniture and decor retailers who are killing it on Instagram.  Get inspired and discover some ways you can incorporate their winning techniques into your own digital strategy.

Masaya & Co

Known for their hand-woven chairs made from sustainable Nicaraguan hardwood, Masaya & Co does a stellar job of showcasing the quality of their products simply by showing how they’re made (and who makes them). Nothing mass-produced to see here!

Capsule Home

Never underestimate the power of color. Whether it’s just a hint or a full splash, Capsule Home understands how to capture users’ attention with color-rich spaces that pop right out of your feed.

Cast + Crew

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Transporting customers to places that exist only in their dreams seems to be the goal for the team at Cast + Crew. Their furniture is already a work of art, but they’ve taken it a step further by creating otherworldly tableaus that fit perfectly with their brand aesthetic.

Sotheby’s Home

When it comes to creating whimsical, luxurious spaces that stand out from the rest, it’s hard to find anyone who compares to Sotheby’s Home. A visual feast comprised of some of the world’s most celebrated designers, this account is a constant rotating collection of the crème de la crème of home decor.


Sometimes it’s best to let your products speak for themselves. Using clean lines and simple, white backgrounds, Cleveland-based Moderncre8ve does a fantastic job of showcasing their mid century creations on a blank canvas – ultimately allowing customers to focus on the beauty of each design.


Who says you have to be in the same room to capture your content? Like GUBI shows us here, sometimes it helps to take a step back so your audience can see the bigger picture.

Other Times Vintage

Talk about a throwback – the purveyors over at Other Times Vintage know how to transport their audience back in time. Using a mix of vintage accessories and warm filters, their Instagram account is a nod to the past, with an updated look and feel that’s prime for today’s digital audience.


Standing out on Instagram often requires thinking outside of the box. Don’t be afraid to switch up the angles, like Sixpenny, and show users a side of your products that they won’t see anywhere else.

Fritz Hansen

When it comes to creating stellar content for Instagram, it’s important to remember that every element and object matters (even that vase sitting on the floor in the very back). Fritz Hansen does a beautiful job of bringing together multiple layers to create a rich experience for users.

Hedge House

Hedge House clearly understands the one thing that all Instagram users can agree on – adorable pets. When in doubt, bring Fido into the picture for a touch of cuteness that’s impossible not to double tap.

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Want to keep reading? Download the Dream Decor Report 2019 and see how today’s consumers are navigating the online furniture and home decor market.