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Shipping Out to Burning Man

As festival season hits full swing, our friends over at Everfest got to wondering how all the outlandish and enormous art installations find their way to festivals like Burning Man.

We sat down to do a little digging – below are some of the coolest items ever shipped to the middle of the Black Rock Desert.

Art Cart

We’ll start small, with this quaint little piece – not quite an art car, this art cart makes for quick scooting around the playa. It’s got a bit of a Flintstones feel!


Gon Kirin, the Detroit Dragon

This ferocious found art is part of an environmental education organization in Detroit built off a 1964 Dodge chassis.


Desert Sleigh

Built off a Cushman Titan electric airport baggage vehicle, this piece sure delivered gifts to camps all over the playa.


Totally Boring Normal Transport

Well, we can’t all have super sweet art cars, I guess. Some folks have shipped much more “normal” items…



The Mystery of Burning Man

We also noticed that some interesting questions can arise when shipping the odd and extraordinary.

For example, this trailer has such a mysterious weight as to require four question marks:



And then there is, of course, the fun of finding Gerlach, Nevada, at all!

Question: Where is Gerlach, NV? I can’t get GPS to find it?


I guess they may have to stick to easier-to-find music festivals.

We also came across this collection of art cars, some for Burning Man, some not – but definitely cool – listed on uShip:



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