Shipping customers can choose to become a member of uShip PRO by selecting the service when booking with a transporter through uShip. uShip PRO is a monthly subscription, with a 3 month minimum, and waives the customer’s Service Charge Fees from all shipments booked while the customer is subscribed to uShip PRO.

1. Payment: The customer’s credit card will be charged $29.97 up front for 3 months of the uShip PRO subscription; the 3 month subscription is non-refundable. At the end of the 3 month period, uShip will automatically renew the subscription with a $9.99 recurring monthly charge using the credit card on file. The customer's credit card will be charged on the same date in which they initially signed-up on a recurring monthly basis, or until the customer opts out of their subscription. Should the customer begin their uShip PRO subscription on the 31st of the month, then the customer will be charged on the last day of each month on a recurring basis. Account credits cannot be used towards uShip PRO subscription fees.

2. Cancellation of Subscription: If a shipping customer wishes to end their uShip PRO subscription, then they must contact uShip Member Support. If the cancellation occurs within the 3 month time frame, the customer will continue to have the ability to utilize uShip PRO until the 3 months has ended; then, the customer will be automatically taken out of uShip PRO. The initial payment of $29.97 is non-refundable, therefore, no funds will be returned to the customer should the subscription cancellation occur within the first 3 months. In addition, the customer cannot be refunded the $9.99 monthly fee if any shipments have been booked through uShip while the subscription is still active.

3. Valid Shipments: uShip PRO is only valid on shipments that receive marketplace bids or on Name Your Price shipments in the following categories: Household Goods, Vehicles, and Motorcycles/Power Sports. uShip PRO is not valid on Brokered Loads.