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Joining the TerraPass Certified Green Provider Program means:
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Carbon-balanced shipping with TerraPass. Now items can get to their destination with uShip without adding to global warming.

The idea is simple. The trucks used to ship your items consume gasoline and emit carbon dioxide, the principal cause of global warming. While there are steps shippers can take to reduce their gasoline consumption, the only way to balance the net environmental impact of your shipping is through carbon offsets.

TerraPass certified providers commit to balancing the global warming emissions from shipping your items by funding clean energy and efficiency projects that actually reduce carbon dioxide emissions. These service providers still use trucks to move your boat or piano, but they also help fund, for example, a new gas to energy project that converts methane emissions from municipal waste into clean energy.

By funding a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions that is directly proportional to the emissions created from their trucks, these providers balance out their contribution to global warming.

It's easy to find these carbon balanced providers. Just look for this icon (TerraPass Certified Provider) by their usernames.
What is TerraPass?

TerraPass is a company with a mission to put practical, affordable tools for fighting climate change in the hands of ordinary citizens. By directing money to credible, verified clean energy projects, TerraPass members help to directly fund our clean energy future.

We are all responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. We create emissions every time we drive, fly, or use electricity. By choosing carbon balanced shipping, you'll be joining hundreds of thousands of others who use TerraPass to balance out the impact of plane flights, car trips and home energy bills.

Carbon offsets aren't a complete solution. But until we have more sustainable shipping trucks and fuels, they are a step in the right direction that you and the uShip community can take together.

How can you help?

There are two ways you can help fight global warming on uShip - by selecting TerraPass certified providers or by purchasing carbon offset credits from TerraPass regardless of which Transportation Service Provider you choose.

By funding clean energy and efficiency projects, both individuals and TerraPass certified providers can sponsor a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that is directly proportional to the emissions created from your shipping.

By helping to fund clean energy through TerraPass, you're joining with thousands of others from all walks of life to make a real impact - 1 billion pounds of greenhouse gases and counting.

Where does the money go?

When you fund greenhouse gas reductions through TerraPass, your money goes to projects carefully chosen for their environmental benefit and their commitment to quality. All TerraPass projects are validated and verified against the leading standards, including the internationally recognized Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate Action Reserve (CAR).

Representative projects include:

  • Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority. By capturing methane from trash decomposing in landfills, projects like GLRA destroy this harmful greenhouse gas or use it to generate electricity.
  • Scenic View Dairy. Dairy farm methane digesters break down harmful agricultural waste products and create clean energy at the same time. Scenic View is the first digester project in Michigan, and the first in the U.S. to generate both clean energy and pipeline-grade biogas. We're proud to support this trailblazing project.
About TerraPass

The partnership between uShip and TerraPass is the latest innovative way for ordinary individuals to help fight climate change, but it's not the only one. Other leading companies such as Expedia, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Sam's Club and Ford Motor Company have selected TerraPass for pioneering programs dedicated to combating climate change.

Launched in 2004, TerraPass is a leading consumer retailer and marketer of greenhouse gas reduction offsets and consumer energy efficiency products. TerraPass carbon offsets fund clean energy and carbon reduction projects, including wind power, farm power, and landfill gas capture. Every TerraPass offset purchase is verified against industry leading standards by an independent third party. For more information visit

Service Providers

You've heard of doing well by doing good at big companies like GE, Wal-Mart and Expedia. uShip can help you tell customers about your environmental values and distinguish your listing from other providers. By signing up, you'll help sponsor clean energy projects that balance out the global warming impact of your services. The program is easy, affordable and verified.

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wind farm
TerraPass certified providers commit to balancing their global warming emissions by sponsoring projects such as agricultural methane capture and landfill gas to energy projects.
Transportation accounts for about one third of the green house gases that contribute to global warming.