uShip TSP Transaction Fee Schedule

To simplify billing, when a shipper (or shipping customer) posted load is booked, uShip collects the TSP transaction fee directly from the shipper and credits the amount to the TSP's account offsetting the TSP's transaction fee that is due to uShip. When a carrier books a Brokered Load, uShip charges the carrier a transaction fee which is charged to the carrier's primary payment method on file. uShip's TSP transaction fees for shipper and broker posted shipments are based on origin, destination, category and/or format.

Fees are converted to match your account's currency setting and are calculated based on current exchange rates at the time the bid is placed in auction format, or offer price is accepted in offer format. You can update your currency setting from Regional Settings.  All discounts or promotions, apply regardless of the applicable fee schedule.  If available, account credits will automatically be applied toward uShip fees.

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