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How Four-legged Coworkers Are Helping uShippers Stay Productive During Quarantine

Well, there’s no use denying it: 2020 so far has been downright weird. Looking at the past three months, it’s hard to believe we’re still in the early days of our brand new decade. We’d be remiss to not mention the elephant in the room here: the COVID-19 pandemic has – in large part or small – affected virtually every person and industry on earth.

At uShip, we’re grateful to be able to do our part to flatten the curve by working remotely. As a very dog-friendly office, though, many of the pups who are used to spending their days at “work” have also been relegated to a remote version of their day job. So we wondered: what are the pups (and a few other new “coworkers”) thinking about all this?

Keep reading to see their hot takes.
Mad-eye Moody

Mad-Eye Moody only has one eye, but he can clearly see what’s going on, and would like to offer a reminder to his (and all) humans: “Just don’t forget to keep petting us after it’s all over!”

Sony’s work ethic goes on for even longer than her body, so she’s grateful for a nice workplace. “Dog bless this patio weather for keeping me sane”

Jeeves takes his job in the office very seriously, so suddenly being at home has been weird, but great for his snacking opportunities. According to his mom, “Sometimes when I leave Jeeves peacefully napping on the chair, I come back to empty wrappers on my desk where all the snacks used to be.”

Wimbly, is well…he’s doing ok. Just ok. Catching up on his reading on existentialism. You know, the reg. Sigh.

A very good boy, Billy is excited to get to play catch with his mom all day long and get lots of treats.

She may not be in the office right now, but she’s still got the drive to fetch those KPIs. Just like always!

This little lady sums it up nicely: “Mom’s spreadsheets are bigger than me, so I’m not much help while she’s working from home. We’re trying to stay positive, but this can sometimes feel isolating. I like to do my part and help out by sleeping by her desk all day, just in case she needs to pet me. Can’t wait to get back to the office to see all of my treats. I meant friends. Definitely meant friends and not treats.”
Otis + Stella

This duo shares their enthusiasm for the increase in average daily walks, but don’t quite understand what’s happening. While both wonder why Mom is staring at a screen and pushing buttons all day, Stella (left) misses her alone time, and Otis (seated) feels robbed by the fact that humans being around 24/7 does not equate to treats 24/7. (The heck, lady!?)

Keller has been working remotely for a while now, so she’s a leader on her team. But with extra humans around, she’s loving every day she gets to enjoy with extra playtime and treats.
Lilith + William Wallace 

Package deal cats Lily and Wally feel that their WFH schedules have been kind of a mixed bag. While they’ve both become extra vocal and gregarious with constant human attention, Lily has leaned in by learning to give high-fives, while Wally remains on edge about the reduced number of naps-per-catpita in their household.

Bunny is juggling a busy schedule. She’s using the time away from the office to work on her summer bod in between emails and calls. She can’t wait until we can all go to the dog park again to show it all off. At the same time, she’s having a hard time staying away from the fridge. It’s all about balance, Bunny!

Seizing any opportunity to dress like a hotdog (ok, maybe that was his mom’s idea), Meatball loves the extra time he gets to jump between his mom’s lap and the top of her desk. His main contribution is helping mom while she stares at her glowy-screen-thing by delivering an endless flow of his own toys to her feet.

The pets at our CEO, Kris Lamb’s, place come in both two- and four-legged varieties. The coop chicks, which also include Madam Nuggets, Heyhey and Princess Leia, have been notoriously difficult to photograph during their quarantine, but they’re surely loving the extra lap time along with the opportunity to peck away at a keyboard in true fashion.

Chloe is used to working a structured 40-hour week at the office. These days, she’s missing her work friends, but taking advantage of extra time to lounge around the house and provide value by chasing off the birds.

Benny may be half-blind, but he doesn’t let that affect his work ethic. “Life is hard, as usual, but it helps to be around someone who can scratch my back,” he says.
Mr. President

The President himself wished to comment on the state of things: “Nothing’s really different, but this home office furniture is new. That’s pretty cool because it’s somewhere new to sit. Oh! it’s also fun to harass this human that’s here all day now. She does, like, everything I ask her to. My days couldn’t be better. Come to think of it, I am pretty annoyed by one thing. You see, I only get peanut butter in my Kongs when the humans leave the house and I’m in my crate… and let me tell you – the peanut butter hath run dry in this house.” Poor, poor P.

Pepper has just one thing to say about all this: “Why in the hell are there so many humans in MY house!?”
Biggie Smalls

This girl is of two minds about working from home: on one paw, she’s pumped to be able to go in and out whenever she wants, allowing for unprecedented levels of sunbaths. On the other, she longs for the days when she could freely bark at the mailman in the afternoon without her mom’s hushing and judgment. Oy vey.

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