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How uShip Works
"... quick and efficient way to get my purchase delivered."

When I bought a piano on eBay, I wasn't sure how to get it delivered, but someone recommended uShip, and I found it a quick and efficient way to get my purchase delivered. No problems at all. Would use again.

"A fantastic website with some really decent, hard working guys."

For many years I have wanted to transport my childhood piano to London. I was told about the uShip website so I posted a shipping request. Bids came in as soon as I'd finished writing the description. Once I'd accepted a bid, my beloved piano arrived the next morning! A fantastic website with some really decent, hard working guys.

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Preparing to Transport your Piano

Piano removals can be complicated, but they are made easier by being prepared ahead of time. A bit of preparation can save a lot of time and money on piano transport. A piano is a delicate and expensive investment, so moving it should be done with care.

Pianos are heavy and bulky, making piano removals quite difficult and dangerous. Hiring professional piano removers can help avoid damaging your piano, your home, or injuring yourself. A piano removal company with the proper equipment and experience can transport a piano safely and efficiently. A piano removal company is an even stronger necessity for instruments located on second and third storey flats.

Should you decide to remove your piano yourself, be very careful and give yourself plenty of time. You should get as many people to help as possible, as even the smallest of pianos are heavy and quite difficult to move.

Before you transport your piano, make sure you have cleared a path, and have prepared the piano for removal. If you are hiring a removal company, ensure that they have the necessary equipment and experience to safely transport your instrument. Check that they have insurance to cover any unfortunate circumstances that may come about.

For a further look into the piano removal process with uShip, visit our cost to transport a piano page. There you will be able to view live transport transactions as they happened in our marketplace. Being well-informed is the key to getting a great transportation experience.

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