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On-road Adventures: Top Vacation Destinations for Slingshot Rentals

When you’re on vacation and need to get around, an autocycle is a wonderful vehicle option for coasting through beautiful places, seeing the sights, and feeling the breeze on your face.  As autocycles become more popular around the country, options for Slingshot rentals are popping up everywhere, from small desert towns to lush islands and metropolitan cities.

No matter the destination, chances are good you’ll be able to rent an autocycle and experience this ultimate joy ride for yourself. Not only will you cover more ground and see sights you wouldn’t have seen otherwise, but you’ll also look really cool doing it. Here we take a look at four top vacation destinations for your next on-road, autocycle adventure.

Sedona, Arizona

slingshot rental in sedonaPhoto credit: @sedonacanam

Cruise through the red rocks and stunning southwest beauty. This desert town may be small, but the sandstone giants that tower above you surely make up for it. The surrounding area also features a stunning canyon drive, a winding road that leads to a mining ghost town, and the vastness of the desert… which never disappoints.

Check out Sedona Can-Am ATV Rentals. They provide both off-road and on-road vehicles so you can make the most of your vacation adventure. Their Slingshot rentals range from $50 for an hour to $375 for 10 hours, plus additional costs for insurance and a $1,000 security deposit.

Maui, Hawaii

slingshot rental in mauiPhoto credit: @mauikart

In the mood for a tropical joy ride? Take a cruise through the beautiful mountains, rainforests, and beaches of Maui. If you’re looking for a way to see everything the island has to offer in one day, then renting an autocycle is an excellent option.

Maui Kart is a 5-star rated autocycle rental company that provides both rental services and guided tours. They charge $129 for a two-hour Polaris Slingshot rental, plus price increases for added hours and a $1500 Rental Collision Protection Insurance Policy deductible.

Las Vegas, Nevada

vanderhall rental in las vegasPhoto credit: @v3roadster

It’s the city with everything – lights, shows, casinos, the Valley of Fire, the Hoover Dam. Why not fully embody the Vegas spirit and rent a vehicle that will turn everyone’s heads?

Royalty Exotic Cars will make this dream a reality. Rent a Polaris Slingshot or Can-Am Ryker (three-wheel motorcycle). Or if you’re feeling super dapper, get yourself a Vanderhall, the classiest of the three-wheeled vehicles. Two-hour rentals with Royalty range from $299-499, depending on your vehicle of choice.

Miami, Florida

slingshot rental in miamiPhoto credit: Lux Moto Rentals

Welcome to the land of beach-front skyscrapers and glamorous vacationers. From the white sandy beaches to Little Havana, Miami is the place to be. Cruise through the cityscape or find a scenic route along the ocean, but make sure you do it in an autocycle.

Check out Lux Moto Rentals for your Polaris Slingshot needs. Autocycle rentals range from $250 for 4 hours to $450 for 24 hours, plus a $1,000 security deposit.

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