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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Cheapest Way to Ship a Need ride to Arizona, please and thank you. to Phoenix Place Bid - Male Nashville, TN Phoenix, AZ 1,682.00 Miles 10/21/2014
Move a Son and Pet trying to get a ride to Dads. to Santa Fe Place Bid 1 Male Partlow, VA Santa Fe, NM 1,810.00 Miles 10/19/2014
Move a need a ride home to palm springs to Palm Springs Place Bid - Male Palm Harbor, FL Palm Springs, CA 2,384.00 Miles 10/17/2014
Transport My awesome to Maumelle Place Bid - Male Maumelle, AR Maumelle, AR - 10/15/2014
Cost to Transport a Dad wants to go home for Thanksgiving to Logan Place Bid - Male Middletown, OH Logan, UT 1,641.00 Miles 10/11/2014

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