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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Ship a Grandmother with pets to Dresden Place Bid - Female Phoenix, AZ Dresden, TN 1,615.00 Miles 7/1/2015
Deliver a college student going back to school to Atlanta Place Bid - Male Lakeland, FL Atlanta, GA 455.00 Miles 7/1/2015
Ship a Need a ride!!!!!! 4 hours! to Cincinnati Place Bid 1 Female Jackson, MI Cincinnati, OH 265.00 Miles 6/30/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a Need Ride to Job Interview to Fairhope Place Bid - Male Casselberry, FL Fairhope, AL 509.00 Miles 6/29/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a Moving back to VA from San Diego to Virginia Beach Offer: $700 - Male San Diego, CA Virginia Beach, VA 2,727.00 Miles 6/29/2015
Cost to Ship a I am looking for a ride back home to Iowa to Iowa City Place Bid - Male Hendersonville, TN Iowa City, IA 574.00 Miles 6/29/2015
Ship a TRASLADO DE PERSONAS to Ciénega de Flores Place Bid 1 Female Ciudad Mante, Tamps. Ciénega de Flores, N.L. 234.00 Miles 6/29/2015
Cost to Deliver a Need a ride to Denver, CO to visit family to Littleton Offer: $100 - Male Louisville, KY Littleton, CO 1,142.00 Miles 6/28/2015
Move a Professional needs ride home to pick up other vehi to Sheridan Place Bid 1 Male Coeur d'Alene, ID Sheridan, WY 637.00 Miles 6/28/2015
Cheapest Way to Ship a Son to Los Angeles Place Bid 2 Male Camarillo, CA Los Angeles, CA 55.00 Miles 6/28/2015
Cost to Deliver a Wife husband and family pet to Berea Offer: $225 1 Other, Passenger Canton, OH Berea, KY 363.00 Miles 6/27/2015
Move a Need a ride back home to Chillicothe Place Bid 2 Female Orlando, FL Chillicothe, OH 909.00 Miles 6/27/2015
Ship a I need a ride from Phoenix,AZ to Tallassee, AL to Tallassee Offer: $300 2 Female Phoenix, AZ Tallassee, AL 1,757.00 Miles 6/19/2015
Cost to Deliver a estudante to Manaus Place Bid 1 Male Natal, BR Manaus, BR 2,603.00 Miles 6/18/2015
Ship My paciente do ICC-transporte diario to Fortaleza Place Bid - Female Fortaleza, CE Fortaleza, CE 9.00 Miles 6/7/2015

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