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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Move a steel I beams to Connersville Place Bid - Other, Junk Covington, KY Connersville, IN 63.00 Miles 9/1/2014
Cost to Ship a Tennis Court Tiles to Boulder Place Bid 3 Other, Junk Gilbert, AZ Boulder, CO 856.00 Miles 8/31/2014
Transport My purplewave to Lexington Place Bid - Other, Junk Effingham, KS Lexington, TN 594.00 Miles 8/31/2014
Move a Large cash register to Orangevale Place Bid - Other, Junk Terre Haute, IN Orangevale, CA 2,124.00 Miles 8/31/2014
Ship a Small outboard motor to King George eBay Auction Item Place Bid - Other, Junk Black Hawk, CO King George, VA 1,750.00 Miles 8/31/2014
Ship My Steel I Beams to Gastonia eBay Auction Item Place Bid - Waste & Scrap Lincoln, NE Gastonia, NC 1,136.00 Miles 8/30/2014
Transport a Chihuahua - Tlaxcala. Pacas de PET to Tlaxcala de Xicohtencatl Place Bid - Other, Junk Chihuahua, CHIH Tlaxcala de Xicohtencatl, TLAX 833.00 Miles 8/30/2014
Move a Use Cable to Belle Glade Place Bid 8 Other, Junk Panama City, FL Belle Glade, FL 500.00 Miles 8/30/2014
Ship My 2 24' flatbed railcars to Palenville Place Bid 2 Other, Junk Camden, AR Palenville, NY 1,417.00 Miles 8/29/2014
Cost to Deliver a Débarras de vieux meubles et objets to Vénissieux Place Bid 3 Other, Junk Vénissieux, RA Vénissieux, RA - 8/29/2014
Transport My FULL PLATAFORMA to Ciudad de México Place Bid - Garbage & Refuse San Pedro Mixtepec, OAX Ciudad de México, D.F. 293.00 Miles 8/28/2014
Cost to Ship a skidder tire 66x43x25 to Zwolle eBay Auction Item Place Bid 1 Other, Junk Cissna Park, IL Zwolle, LA 842.00 Miles 8/28/2014
Ship a TRANSPORTE DE PET DE VILLAHERMOSA, TABASCO al D.F. to Ciudad de México Place Bid 1 Other, Junk Villahermosa, TAB Ciudad de México, D.F. 417.00 Miles 8/28/2014
Transport My 1 large auto part to Tuscaloosa Place Bid 1 Waste & Scrap Escondido, CA Tuscaloosa, AL 1,964.00 Miles 8/27/2014
Transport a Scrap Metal Load to Livermore Place Bid 1 Waste & Scrap Roseburg, OR Livermore, CA 489.00 Miles 8/26/2014
Ship My 2 large boxes of books to Zapopan Place Bid 1 Other, Junk Chennai, TN Zapopan, JAL 10,112.00 Miles 8/26/2014
Cost to Ship a Pallet of Motorcycle Parts to Sunnyvale Place Bid 1 Other, Junk Brooktondale, NY Sunnyvale, CA 2,818.00 Miles 8/26/2014
Ship a small pallet to College Station Place Bid 1 Other, Junk Fremont, CA College Station, TX 1,832.00 Miles 8/25/2014
Transport My 20ft container to Valley Springs Place Bid - Other, Junk San Leandro, CA Valley Springs, CA 89.00 Miles 8/25/2014
Cost to Ship a Steam Locomotive Side rods to Belmar Place Bid 1 Other, Junk Richmond, IL Belmar, NJ 884.00 Miles 8/25/2014
Cheapest Way to Ship a Baled white goods to Sioux City Place Bid - Waste & Scrap Huron, SD Sioux City, IA 207.00 Miles 8/24/2014
Cost to Deliver a pure sign to Franklin Place Bid 5 Other, Junk Alborn, MN Franklin, KY 908.00 Miles 8/19/2014
Transport a 1956 Chevy Roof and Bench Seat to Dayton Place Bid 1 Other, Junk Troutdale, OR Dayton, TX 2,354.00 Miles 8/18/2014
Cost to Ship a 40 toneladas de desecho de llanta to Mazatlán Place Bid - Waste & Scrap Heroica Nogales, SON Mazatlán, SIN 725.00 Miles 8/13/2014
Ship My um volume grande to Várzea Grande Place Bid 2 Other, Junk São Gonçalo, RJ Várzea Grande, MT 1,260.00 Miles 8/9/2014

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