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Title  Price  Bids  Category  Pickup Drop Off Mileage  Date 
Ship a meats to Carmine Offer: $100 - Fresh Produce Metairie, LA Carmine, TX 432.00 Miles 3/5/2015
Cost to Ship a fresh produce Salad 26 pallet full load to Manchester Place Bid - Fresh Produce Alicante, Valencian Community Manchester, GB 1,458.00 Miles 3/5/2015
Cost to Transport a 50 cajas alimentos frescos malaga to Marbella Place Bid 1 Fresh Produce Marbella, Andalusia Marbella, Andalusia - 3/3/2015
Cost to Ship a 8,152.5 25 pound boxes tamarillo to Atlanta Place Bid - Fresh Produce Jackson, MS Atlanta, GA 387.00 Miles 3/2/2015
Move a 50crates of apples to Hamirpur Place Bid - Fresh Produce Shimla, HP Hamirpur, HP 56.00 Miles 3/2/2015
Ship a produce to Orlando Offer: $20 - Fresh Produce Portsmouth, VA Orlando, FL 649.00 Miles 3/1/2015
Cost to Deliver a Raw vegan snacks to Bournemouth Place Bid 5 Fresh Produce Smethwick, GB Bournemouth, GB 171.00 Miles 3/1/2015
Cost to Ship a caja de 53´refrigerada Cuitlahauc a Nogales to Heroica Nogales Place Bid - Fresh Produce León, MX Heroica Nogales, Son. 1,152.00 Miles 2/26/2015
Ship My 500 almuerzos to Envigado Place Bid - Fresh Produce La Estrella, Antioquia Envigado, Antioquia - 2/17/2015
Cost to Ship a 4000 cocos verdes to San Francisco Place Bid - Fresh Produce Acapulco, Gro. San Francisco, CA 2,421.00 Miles 2/4/2015

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