2 Bedroom Apartment Moving Services

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a couple is moving with most furniture (king bed - mattress + frame in pieces, 3 bedside tables, desk, office chair, dining table (separate from legs) with 4 chairs, bookshelf (in pieces), small tv, futon) and a bicycle  
Norwich, NR2 1DS GBR
London, SE16 7HD GBR
Edinburgh, EH11 GBR
Birmingham, B9 GBR
2 Bed Apt
London, W10 5LP GBR
London, SW11 5QD GBR
2 Bedroom House
2 Bed Apt
Cambridge, CB1 8EF GBR
Plymouth, PL3 5LQ GBR
Everything is already packed, we'll only need help during loading/unloading. Description of the Inventory: 8 boxes of clothing (61x45x45cm) 1 small-medium boxes of clothing (57x37x37cm) 2 small box of clothing (47x32x27cm) 2 boxed hoovers 1 small travel bags (some kitchen ware inside) small rug 150x10x10cm (rolled up) Plasma TV Computer 1 gaming console (40x10x10cm)  
Glasgow, G13 3HP GBR
Manchester, M4 4TF GBR
1 Large suitcase 1 High Chair pick up is on 1st floor no lift delivery is a bungalow  
Bedford, MK43 GBR
Lisburn, BT27 5BU GBR
3 bedroom bungalow
2 Bed Apt
Marston Moretaine, MK43 GBR
Lisburn, BT28 2DA GBR
Garage removal
2 Bed Apt
Moving bin bags of clothes and duvets and boxes from the garage. There is also a christmas tree.  
Braithwell, S66 7AW GBR
London, E1 8PU GBR
We are moving from a furnished 2 bed apartment. We will not have any big furniture as far as sofas, chairs or beds. We have a 75" TV and stand, exercise bike, 2 office chairs, 3 rugs, 1 ottoman, 1 electric keyboard, 1 small kitchen cart and 1 small electric fireplace. We will also have 20 cardboard boxes (47cm x 32cm x 25cm - 44 Litres).  
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1NA GBR
Tyburnia, W2 2NW GBR
Inverurie, AB51 GBR
Worthing, BN13 1NQ GBR
2 Bed Apt
- Everything is STORED IN GROUND FLOOR GARAGE. - There are more unspecified/miscellaneous items but EVERYTHING WAS MOVED HERE IN A BOX VAN (i.e. fit in the box van). - Many items flat packed.  
Birmingham, B5 7UU GBR
Edinburgh, EH11 GBR
London, SW1A GBR
Glasgow, G2 3NY GBR
Short trip (1.9 miles, 7 mins) to move about half the items from a 2 bedroom apartment (but not all the heavy furniture) into storage.  
London, SW6 2UE GBR
London, SW18 4DJ GBR
Southwater, RH13 9UZ GBR
Paisley, PA3 4QD GBR
In the Picture you can see all the things we need to move. You only have to add a computer desk that i'll disassemble and 2 more bags with cutlery and cooking staff.  
London, N6 5BN GBR
London, E1 GBR
1 Large Box 2 Small boxes (1 is very small, size of a box of biscuits) 7 Large Bags 5 Medium Bags 5 Suitcases 1 Small Easel (portable, flat packed) 1 Large Easel (Dismantled, that's all the loose pieces of Wood you see) 1 small book binding press (very small, same size as a rucksack) 1 A1 Folio Case 2 PCs 2 Monitors 1 Gaming Chair (separate photo) 1 A3 graphics tablet (boxed) 1 Cat litter tray 3 Rucksacks 2 Clothes Horses (folded up, flat) Looking for ASAP, starting any time from this weekend forward. On Tuesday or the Weekend the arrival in Truro can be all day. Any other day needs to be after 18:00 due to work commitments. Pickup from Edinburgh can be any time or date at all and I'll be here to help load everything. The area taken up by all of the items the way I have them set up now is 92Inches/234Centimetres x 40Inches/102Centimetres x 62Inches/158Centimetres but it can definitely be packed tighter. There is no furniture moving outside of the gaming chair. The couch you see in the photo for example is not moving, it's just the pile of stuff in the centre of the picture, should definitely fit in a van.  
Edinburgh, EH6 4BW GBR
Truro, TR1 3DN GBR
2 Bedroom House
2 Bed Apt
London, SE20 7HQ GBR
Purley, CR8 4JB GBR
I don't have much stuff, just clothing bags, toys, and a baby cot.....no sofa and no beds/tables.  
Aberdeen, AB21 GBR
Coventry, CV6 3LG GBR
-10 M boxes -10 S boxes - 1 S soft bag - 7 M soft bags - 2 big suitcases - 2 small suitcases - 2 drying racks  
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 5DR GBR
Nottingham, NG1 6LD GBR
Accessable underground Garage at Salford Apartment. Salford Apartment is access able by a lift (2nd Floor). Any furniture that can be dismantled will be. Will need movers to wrap up and pack the electronics. Bristol Apartment is up one flight of stairs (1st Floor). Allocated Parking Space at Bristol.  
Salford, M5 3TP GBR
Bristol, BS3 2NA GBR
All boxes are (76 cm X 51 cm X 51 cm). In addition we will have 3 big suitcases with 3/4 small suitcases and 1 TV Box (42 inch) We only need service on pickup and delivery of our stuff from pick up point to delivery point (No help needed on packaging)  
London, SW6 4EG GBR
London, SW7 3DD GBR
Apartment of already packed boxes and units to be moved. Also there is a garage of bulky items (fridge, sofa etc) to be moved to the delivery address. 2 persons for the move please. Long wheel based transit max vehicle size due to the location of the garage.  
Warley, CM14 5HF GBR
Brentwood, CM15 9HB GBR
Everything already packed and ready for pickup from ground floor (NO furniture). Description of the Inventory: 8 boxes of clothing (61x45x45cm) 1 box of kitchenware (61x45x45cm) - nothing large just dishes 2 boxed hoovers 2 small travel bags 5 very small boxes of shoes - tied together small rug 150x10x10cm (rolled up) Plasma TV Computer 2 gaming consoles (40x10x10cm)  
Belfast, BT9 7FE GBR
Glasgow, G13 3HP GBR
PICKUP IS TODAY LATE LIKE 9-10 PM OR TOMORROW at 5 or 6 AM!!!!!!!!! Only give quote if you can do that!  
London, E14 GBR
Glasgow, G20 8QW GBR
Glasgow, G41 GBR
Nottingham, NG1 GBR