Canada Shipping Stories (Horses & Livestock)

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Shipping sheep from Arizona to Canada how am I going to do this.

I have been looking to purchase new bloodlines for my purebred Dorper and White Dorper sheep in Canada. I had been searching for about six months talking to different producers across the US. I found a producer in Arizona with excellent Dorper sheep and then began the process of investigating how to get them imported to Canada. First I lookied into the import certificates and the health certifc ...

Ponies from Texas to Quebec

We had some difficulties for this shipment because it was the first time we bought ponies out of Canada. uShip was very helpful when you don't know hauler in US

Charlie needed a ride

I bought a pony for my daughter and it happened to be in Cananda. So I used U-Ship. It worked well and I got my daughters pony safe and sound.

Pony arrived safe & sound.;

Shipped a pony from the US to Canada without any difficulty. Our first time using. Service was as stated from the beginning, no surprises. uShip connected us to a quality service provider. Very happy with our experience.

Horse trailering

Halifax a big snow storm on November the 23/2011 my 4 year old appy horse.They got him here safe and sound.He did not want to come off the trailer but after some time he did but who can blame him in the weather that was waiting for him.Mitch and her driver very professional and careing about the cargo they carry.Thanks so much for his care.He can from ottawa to Nova Scotia.If your looking for the ...

shipment of two mares

I had two mares shipped from MN to Vt. Overall I had a god service and enjoyed how easy Uship made the whole booking process.

Shipment a success

Great experience! Very reliable and with all my bad luck I'm extremly happy that I got my horse on safe and surprisely calm! Very much recommended

Dame Jeanne

Needed shipping quick at a reasonnable price... Got it with my shipper! Horse got here sound and calm, after 10 hr travel time. Would use this way anytime!!

Shipping "Lucy" the paint pony

Had trouble finding a shipper that would haul a pony from Barrie on to Ottawa on went on Uship and posted what I need shipped , when and where . Within 2 hrs we had everything planned and "Lucy" was on here way home Uship was extremely helpful.

Great experience moving our llama

We needed to move our llama to his winter home. We saved over $100 from what we normally pay and the provider was absolutely incredible.

Stories: 1 - 10 of 10