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Finding a Transporter for Your Craigslist Piano Purchase

If you’ve just bought a piano on craigslist, you will need to hire professional piano movers to get it transported to your home. Pianos are big, cumbersome and delicate, requiring professional piano movers to get them moved safely. Trying to move a piano without the proper equipment and experience can result in injury or property damage. Make sure your Craigslist seller understands that you will need time to find and hire a professional piano mover and schedule a good date and time to have the movers pick the piano up.

Work with Your Seller to Transport your Craigslist Piano Purchase

When speaking to your Craigslist seller, try to get approximate weight and size information as well as information about stairs or other considerations that you will need to tell your moving company about. If there are more than four stairs, special equipment will be necessary. A piano on a high floor without a freight elevator will likely require pulleys, and the piano will likely be delivered through the windows.

Choose your Piano Mover

When choosing piano movers, make sure you ask for references, confirm their licensing by asking for their USDOT or MC number and inquire about insurance. For more information on how to transport a piano, check out our guide on preparing your piano for moving and choosing a piano mover.