Canada Shipping Stories (Food & Agricultural Goods)

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First time using U-Ship

Loader bucket shipped from Eastern USA to Western Canada. Service provider VERY patient with a newbee and provided second to none service. Price to ship was very reasonable. The U-Ship process was slightly confuseing especially the payment part but Dave got us all sorted out. Thanks

First time shipment

I had a skid of bulk grain to be shipped from the prairies and as a first time shipment I wasn't sure how everything was going to work out. I couldn't find dry shipment in the time frame I needed but the guys at Diamond Enterprise worked wonders. As they only provide open transport they took the extra care and time to double shrink wrap the pallet and double tarp it. All went well and the shipmen ...

shiping an F3080 Kubota tractor and snow blower

Tall Tree Logistics came in as the low bidder and I accepted their bid Lize called to confirm and told me when they were picking up my unit They sent the wrong type of truck but quickly sent another truck that could load the machine Lize told me when it would be shipped and it arrived sooner than I was expecting Very fast service from Ontario to Alberta Trucker was very good and the shipme ...

Stories: 1 - 3 of 3