Canada Shipping Stories (Pets)

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Very pleased with cat shipping experience...

We have to let you know what a wonderful experience we had with Orlando. He kept in constant touch and took excellent care of our kitties during their trip from Canada to the US, in the middle of a brutal winter. He has a way of communicating that is both professional and courteous. Most importantly, he made sure we knew that our pets were his priority both by his words and actions. They were ...

Good experience shipping a puppy

I needed to ship a puppy back to the breeder in Pheonix, AZ. I was able to find someone who was driving to this area and she was kind enough to take my pup with her. It was really easy to reach her when I needed to and the delivery was on time just as planned. I would defenitely use USHIP again!! Thanks

A Dog's Long Journy

Orlando, our service provider took Pud, our dog, from North Dakota to Arizona. Was a wonderful experience as the dog got here safely and happy. The price was fair and he did a wonderful dog, we couldn't be happier that he got our dog here in a timely manner and safely.


I was at a loss to get my dog from Memphis to Canada, and I was getting quotes for up to 3600 dollars to ship him here. I posted him on uship, and within a few days I had a question from jdempere, and after a slight back and forth, she bid on him for less than I was willing to pay. She was absolutely incredible, and without uship I would of never found her. I am extremely grateful, and will defini ...

2 dogs for transport

Used Nana and Papa's Pet Transport to ship my foster dogs from CT to Canada. Excellent service and communication. Very responsible and compassionate with this elderly pair. Got them to their new forever home in a timely manner. Highly recommend and will use again.

Shipping our dog from Ontario to Alberta

In July my family was moving from Ontario to Alberta, my husband and daughter stayed in Ontario for the month of July while I started my job in Alberta and looked for housing. During this time they were staying with family but when it came time to move the cost of having our dog fly through commercial airlines was very extreme as our dog is a large breed and over 100 lbs. We posted our shipm ...

Geriatric Dog

I had to have my geriatric dog sent from Ontartio to New Brunswick. The guys at WDSexpress did a great job. They were so nice to my old girl they even parked near curbs to make it easier for her. I would absolutely use their services again.


They shipped my shepherd to her new home and treated her as if she were one of their own. Great experience. Great people


Smooth sailing throughout the experience. U ship should make it clear the terms that carriers must abide by aswell to the shipper.

5 Star Service! The best experience I could have had!

We had our Parrot ( Mickey ) that needed to be shipped from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Cornwall, Ontario to help keep our sister in-law company. She has lupus and cannot get out much and spends a lot of time at home so we thought that Mickey could help keep her company. We were very afraid to ship her as 1500 kms is a long way for a live bird to travel. We looked around and had some quotes that were so ...

6month old Cane Corso shipped to Edmonton from Ontario..

Scott did an amazing job transporting our Cane Corso to Edmonton.. He went out of his way to take great care of her & even took her to a vet. I greatly appreciated him doing this, he stayed positive no matter what the situation was.. He was suppose to have her there by Saturday but his truck started leaking tranny fluid & this is totally uncontrollable & was absolutely not his fault.. & he still w ...

Hobbit-Russell terrier puppy

James was super! Pet transport is not his speciality but being a pet lover he took it on and after talking with him several times I had no doubt that my puppy would be cared for in the best possible way. It really made the transport as stress free as it could be. If the chance comes again I would absolutely us James again!

Cross Country Great Dane

I was in need of sending my full-grown adult Great Dane from Alberta back to Ontario to live with my mom. After trying to figure out how I was going to make this happen, the only option I was able to come up with was driving her myself the entire way or driving half-way and having my mom meet me. Trying to get time off of work and scheduling when we could do this was proving to be difficult, not t ...

shipping dog

We were moving home from Africa and wanted to take our dog with us. It was no problem getting her to Toronto, but the summer restrictions and plane size from Toronto to PEI was challenging and expensive. We were thinking about renting a car, but would have to get an SUV because of all our luggage and size of dog crate (which would have been VERY expensive - not to mention that we would get nothi ...

The birthday pug!

Our story begins with my mothers sister who shared a birthday with my mother....her baby sister passed away this year from the devastating effects of cancer...knowing my mother wanted a baby pug and being close to her birthday I hunted down a baby pug that was available just a couple weeks shy of her birthday...I found Kathy through uShip and immediately felt that this was the lady that would be a ...

Excellent Service

It was my first time as a uShip user but it took less than 1 hour to find an excellent shipper within my time frame. He was very friendly and took excellent care for transportation of my birds and their cage. My service provider was excellent with all the timings and punctuality. He was a very warm and friendly person to work with. Definately would use uShip and recommend to friends or family.

Cat delivery

I have been trying to get my cat from one city to another in Ontario and had the hardest time figuring out how to do it. I could have flown my cat, but it would have cost tons of money, and I still would have had to drive to the airport. I was so happy when I discovered that you could ship pets using UShip, and I'm really pleased that it all worked out. I'll definitely be using this service again ...

Great Pet Shipping

Shipping pets can be very complicated and expensive. Not to mention a big worry. My dogs arrived happy and relaxed from their long trip, simply and affordably. Thanks Jean Claude!

Saving Louie from euthanasia.

Louie a deaf emancipated boxer was scheduled to be euthanized at a shelter in North Carolina.His traumatic experiences remain an untold story.After a Face Book posting and seeing this 2 year old's sentence our Rescue volunteers stepped up to save him.I posted on UShip and to my delight just before the ad was done Luciano stepped up to help transport him to Canada.He went out of his way to assist u ...


Shayne picked this cat up at 4am on boxing day, who does that?? Great guy, was a complete pleasure to meet and deal with. Thanks a bunch brother!!!!


Purchased pup in Indiana, got a bid from some great people, puppy was delivered and was very satisfied!

Great service transporting my new puppy!

Had a great experience with Anna. She gave fast friendly service right to my door. She treated our new puppy as if it were her own. Would strongly recommend them to anyone. Great job!

good shipping company

Great price.. Puppy came in perfect condition. Very happy with shipper. Will definitely use again and recommend.

uShip Gave us a New Furry Family Member!

After a long search, we finally found the perfect dog to join our family. Unfortunately, the pup could only be flown from the USA to a major Canadian city. This meant our pup landed 17 hours away from us. uShip connected us with a caring, wonderful shipper who delivered us our dog. He was so wonderful in fact, that it has given me a new appreciation and faith in good-hearted people; serious ab ...

my dog kumo

Kumo and I flew from Canada to Texas to visit my bf when I was coming home he wasn't allowed on the flight because it was to cold then I had to wait another 2 months for them to take the band off animals flying uderneith the plane and at this point it was to hot for him to fly....I was lucky enough to have Joe Mullin place a bid an I accepted it an they came all the way to Canada to bring me my ba ...

dog delivery from Atlanta GA to Newfoundland Canada

We adopted a dog...she had a long way to go to finally arrived to her new home. There seemed to be a black cloud over the delivery. .. missed planes. Missed connections... late check in due to traffic. .. one thing after another. .. Matt was honest ..concerned ...and very determined to get our sweet girl home.. his honestly was appriciated ...he went the extra mile ...even when it was getting a ...

Great experience with uShip

Daniel transported my cat from Toronto to Edmonton. He picked him up on Friday and delivered him bad weather! My cat arrived relaxed and very happy. Daniel kept in touch after the deal was made online and throughout the trip. I couldn't be more satisfied. If you have a pet, or any other package, that needs transporting/shipping, then Daniel is your guy.


bought a puppy in Peterborough, am I Sherbrooke. found Uship on Google and decided it was worth a try. Great service. Will definitely use uship again.

Makes difficult ships very very easy!

Matt did such an awesome job making sure my puppy made it home to me safe and sound!! Definitely recommend him for any shipping needs

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