Australia Shipping Stories (Small Packages)

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kodys' present

i bought a surfboard for my 11 y o son who lives in sweden, i live in sydney australia. i tried some of the big shippers and found that it would cost twice the price of the board to ship to sweden.horrified, i did some web research and found u ship. enter 'the freight guy' and everthing is great! all round easy and positive experience. i don't ship alot, but now i know where to go when i do.

parcel 25kg from uk to australia

I stumbled across uship by accident and thought I would give them a try . It was a box 50cm square ,22.5 kg containing items of clothing ,shoes,saw blades for work etc. The parcel was picked up in the UK on time and arrived to me in Australia within the time frame and it cost at least £125. less than the nearest competitor. I am happy and will use uship again.

Stories: 1 - 2 of 2