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"Would be happy to use again."

Very good service and excellent responses. Would be happy to use again. Very pleased with my chosen bidder. His feedback on uShip suggested he'd be the one to choose and that proved to be correct.

"The team... did a terrific job and I'm more than happy to promote uShip..."

I bought this vehicle on eBay, but on ringing delivery adds on eBay was astounded to hear some of the quotes I was getting. Just when I thought I had made a massive error I remembered the TV programme Shipping Wars that was based in the U.S. I googled it and found they now operated over here, so I registered with them but wasn't expecting anything more than I had already had. I advertised my job and within 20 minutes had some much better quotes than I got off eBay. The team that quoted the best price did a terrific job and I'm more than happy to promote uShip and the company that carried out my job.

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Finding the Right Car Carrier

Whether you’ve just bought a brand new Volkswagen Polo Vivo or a used Ford Ranger, the uShip marketplace is the best place to get your car transported with ease.

It can be tough and time-consuming to weed through all of the vehicle transport services offered in South Africa. uShip helps you through the process by providing a marketplace for you to connect with various car carriers in one place, without ever having to make a single phone call. uShip will never display your phone number or give out your personal information, because we don’t think that’s very nice.

When you list your car for transport in our online marketplace, you give yourself the benefit of comparing carrier quotes while reading about each transporter’s history and customer reviews. We encourage our shipping customers to review their prospective transporters and do the proper research before committing to a single transporter. In order to simplify this process for you, we have laid out each transporter’s history and ratings, with customer commentary, in their carrier profile. They care about their reputations and so should you.

Start your listing process at the top of this page and get your car listed for transport in the uShip marketplace today!

Service Areas in South Africa

Transporters on uShip are not limited to a single area. Carriers handle deliveries throughout South Africa including:

  1. Cities: Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Pietermaritzburg, Richardsbay, and East London

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