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David P.|ID #648013675
Quote Accepted Oct 05, 2016 | Listed Sep 27, 2016


Forres, IV36 GB

Residence / Home Business

After Oct 03


Glasgow, G1 2FF GB

Business (with loading dock or forklift)

Before Oct 21

175 mi.
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175Total mi.
1Total Rooms
0Pickup Stories
0Delivery Stories


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Small Studio

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Requested Service Type(s)

White Glove

Blanket Wrap

Mover, Self Service


Special Instructions

The following shipment consists of items which have been pre-packed and boxed, all items are household items, such as crockery, bed linen etc. The items are are with the exception of the printer and 19" monitor boxed and ready to go, the printer and monitor are both fairly robust items but the monitor would perhaps require a layer of bubble wrap. Dimensions and QTY below, so you can calculate the volumetric weight. The items are being removed from a residential premise and being placed in a storage container already partially filled in Glasgow, the storage container is within the warehouse of a professional removals firm, so business hours and minor rules apply in regards to access. ----- Large Box. 55 cm x 74 cm x 57 cm (heavy) Printer 34 cm x 44 cm x 40 cm (heavy) Medium box 18 cm x 46 cm x 45 cm QTY 7 Storage box 33 cm x 47 cm x 35 cm 1 x 32" TV boxed 60 cm x 90 cm x 16 cm 1 x 40" TV boxed 60 cm x 118 cm x 12 cm Inflatable mattress. 50 cm x 30 cm x 20cm 1 x 19" monitor. summary : Requirement, collect items from Forres (private household) and deliver into storage container in Glasgow.