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Recent Listings
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1 Bedroom Flat/Apartment
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
Herne Bay, CT6 6NZ GBR
Manchester, M2 4WU GBR
1 Bedroom Flat/Apartment
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
London, E14 7LE GBR
London, E14 7JE GBR
small bedroom move
a small move of one tv, one guitar in case, 2-3 large boxes, and one suitcase  
Gateshead, NE11 9BE GBR
South Cerney, GL7 5UA GBR
Apartment of already packed boxes and units to be moved. Also there is a garage of bulky items (fridge, sofa etc) to be moved to the delivery address. 2 persons for the move please. Long wheel based transit max vehicle size due to the location of the garage.  
Warley, CM14 5HF GBR
Brentwood, CM15 9HB GBR
I need to move a king sized bed (IKEA flatpack) and mattress from my house in Fulham, London to Southampton. Date of move is Friday 9th March.  
London, SW6 1JP GBR
Southampton, SO16 3PY GBR
12 boxes and 6 cases
Other Household & Office Moves
The boxes are plastic storage boxes. Box 1: 70x44x38cm - 17.1kg FRAGILE Box 2: 70x44x38cm - 18.8kg FRAGILE Box 3: 70x44x38cm - 16.2kg Box 4: 70x44x38cm - 17kg Box 5: 70x44x38cm - 17.8kg Box 6: 48x39x31cm - 5.6kg Box 7: 48x36x26cm - 7.5kg Box 8: 40x30x21cm - 4.6kg Box 9: 40x30x21cm - 3.2kg Box 10: 53x36x25cm - 6.5kg Box 11: 53x36x25cm - 4.5kg Box 12: 53x36x25cm - 5.7kg Case 1: 76x50x29cm - 14.6kg Case 2: 60x41x39cm - 13kg Case 3: 62x28x45cm - 10.9kg Case 4: 70x46x26cm - 12kg Case 5: 67x45x36cm - 12kg Clothes airer and table legs: 139x75x10cm - 6.8kg Rucksack: 67x40x50cm - 8.7kg  
Yeovil, BA20 2ED GBR
Glasgow, G41 2DY GBR
1 Bedroom Flat/Apartment
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
Hamilton, ML3 8XJ GBR
Brighton, BN1 5NE GBR
Bournemouth, BH1 2JZ GBR
Paisley, PA2 0PF GBR
1 Bedroom Flat/Apartment
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
Walmer, CT14 7EG GBR
Deal, CT14 9XP GBR
Everything already packed and ready for pickup from ground floor (NO furniture). Description of the Inventory: 8 boxes of clothing (61x45x45cm) 1 box of kitchenware (61x45x45cm) - nothing large just dishes 2 boxed hoovers 2 small travel bags 5 very small boxes of shoes - tied together small rug 150x10x10cm (rolled up) Plasma TV Computer 2 gaming consoles (40x10x10cm)  
Belfast, BT9 7FE GBR
Glasgow, G13 3HP GBR
Flat to House Move
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
Birmingham, B15 1BJ GBR
Birmingham, B13 GBR
1 Large Bedroom Flat and Furniture
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
London, SE14 6QD GBR
Gateshead, NE11 9UL GBR
PICKUP IS TODAY LATE LIKE 9-10 PM OR TOMORROW at 5 or 6 AM!!!!!!!!! Only give quote if you can do that!  
London, E14 GBR
Glasgow, G20 8QW GBR
Clothing/sports equipment/mugs/glasses/books etc to move back home from university. Just a student bedroom move.  
Egham, TW20 0EX GBR
Liverton, TS13 4QX GBR
3 mirrors  
Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1SU GBR
Hampton, TW12 GBR
1 Bedroom Flat/Apartment
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
The move is some items from our cottage and a nearby unit that will be going to our flat in London. A cupbaord, sofa bed, some art work and mirrors, a v heavy industrial desk and boxes or varius items, small lamps. We need two persons to get items out at the nother end and into the flat. Many thanks  
Kingsbridge, TQ7 3AQ GBR
London, N19 3PQ GBR
Walsall, WS1 1XR GBR
Tyseley, B11 2SE GBR
Glasgow, G41 GBR
Nottingham, NG1 GBR
1 Bedroom Flat/Apartment
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
Edinburgh, EH7 4LW GBR
Southwater, RH13 9WB GBR
London, E14 9WD GBR
London, SE16 4UT GBR
London, SE1 2ND GBR
London, SW1V 2EL GBR
Dental cupboards and worktop
Other Household & Office Moves
3m run approx (depth 610mm, 880mm high) Main cabinet run with built in sockets 500 Sink, under bin 400 Cupboard 500 Up and over cupboard 500 Draw pack 500 Up and over 500 Sink, under bin Additional Cabinet run 6ft, 850mm high with 700 draw, 750 double cupboard and 300 single cupboard as pictures show To be dismantled at practice  
Hopton, NR31 9RX GBR
Herne Bay, CT6 5LQ GBR
1 Bedroom Flat/Apartment
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
undercounter fridge,cooker,bed and one couch 3 seater to be picked up at local store,baggage to be picked up at residential address needs to be done before 19th Dec  
Bournemouth, BH9 2EY GBR
Sheffield, S5 8LN GBR
5 Boxes (61cm x 46cm x 46cm each), 3 Large Bags, Small Table, Small Armchair & Footstool, Floor Lamp (est. 1.8m height, 0.3m diameter)  
London, SW11 6QF GBR
Rothbury, NE65 7TW GBR
1 Bedroom Flat/Apartment
Large Studio or 1 Bed Flat/Apt
Approximately 10 boxes of books and 10 medium boxes. Only furniture is 1 x IKEA triple chest of drawers, 1 x floor lamp and 1 x rug (Length 202cm, Diameter 14cm, Weight 5.7kg).  
Edinburgh, EH9 1LY GBR
Birmingham, B18 6AR GBR