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Shipment Title:VINTAGE COIN OP ...
Shipment ID: 276223046
Customer: Lloyd G.
Date Listed:5/4/2018 5:29 PM CST
Date Updated: 5/7/2018 10:59 AM CST
Ended: 5/11/2018 5:29 PM CST
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Auction Goods:No
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Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 892.00 Miles
Business (without loading dock or forklift)
Delivery: ASAP


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Total furniture items: 1
Total Weight: 190 lbs
Palletized: No
Crated: No
Stackable: No
L: 4 ft 10 in.  W: 2 ft 8 in.  H: 2 ft 7 in. 
190 lbs
Blanket Wrap, LTL Freight and Packaging, LTL Standard
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Will there be help loading and unloading itReport a Violation
Response: No problem on the unload destination. Forklift and plenty of guys to get it done. On the pick-up, only the seller, would have to verify? I may have a second coin op train ride to pick-up in Harrisburg,PA if interested ?5/4/2018Report a Violation
Response: Would it be the same size5/4/2018Report a Violation
Response: The Train Ride is a little smaller. Approximately 4'L x 30" W x 30" H 200 lbs It does have a small train crossing sign that goes with the ride, approximately 5' Height.5/4/2018Report a Violation
Response: Yes I could do both of them with uShip fees and tolls can you do $9505/4/2018Report a Violation
Response: I budgeted $750.5/4/2018Report a Violation
Response: Ok thank you5/4/2018Report a Violation
Response: Roy The Train Ride is still pending, the purchase is not complete. Do want to offer a price for shipping the Rocket Ride only? Thanks. 5/4/2018Report a Violation
Will you have this item secured to a pallet with no over hang or crated ,If so Can you confirm the packaged weight and dimensions? Report a Violation
Response: Sorry, not crated or on a pallet.5/6/2018Report a Violation
Response: ok5/6/2018Report a Violation
Hello Llyod! We transport arcades, vending machines, and small rides quite often and understand how delicate and fragile they are. I see your have budgeted 750 for this. At this time we will place our bid with a pickup between the 22 and 24th of this month and delivery shortly after. Of course this will be blanket wrapped and secured to prevent damage and is fully insured during transport. If this works for you please accept our bid asap so we cna get you on our schedule, our schedule for larger items such as this fills up quickly. Thank youReport a Violation
Response: The $750 budget amount previously stated, was for two rides. The Rocket Ride and a Train with signal ride, located in Harrisburg, PA. If you wish to bid the Rocket Ride only, that is fine. The Train ride is still pending, but the seller will probably agree to the sale this morning. Thank-you for your interest. Sorry, for any confusion.5/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: thanks for the reply. Do you currently have the other ride listed on uship? I can take both rides for a slightly adjusted offer I just need a few pictures and dimensions of the train ride. Let me know thanks5/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: The Train is not listed, because the purchase is not finalized, yet. The Train Kiddie Ride is approximately, 50" L x 30" W x 30" H. Weight 200lbs. It does have sign crossbuck post that goes with it, approximately 5' Height. It is approximately 110 miles away from the Rocket Ride.5/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: Being it will be on my return trip I can cut you a deal to transport both, I know your budget is 750. If I can transport both I can do 825 and same transport. Let me know if you can swing that. Thanks5/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: I have emailed the Train seller to confirm his address location and complete the purchase. I will update with his zip code, as soon as, I have it. Thank-you.5/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: Ok I will change my bid to the 825 with a note to transport both rides. Let me know asap.5/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: The Train Ride seller is a very nice / helpful guy. Zip Code 19390. He asked for 48 hour notice prior to pick-up. Please confirm you are OK with all of the information for BOTH rides and I will accept your $825 bid. Thank-you. Lloyd5/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: not a problem I always reach out to pickup and receivers at least a few days in advance. If this works out if you could please accept our bid asap. Thank you5/7/2018Report a Violation
Could I put this in back of a pick up truck And I could cover it upReport a Violation
Response: Yes, no problem.5/7/2018Report a Violation
I could do it for 600 pick up later on today or tomorrow would dare be help on the other side because I travel by myself a lot and I don’t know if I could pick it up by myself for notReport a Violation
Llyod 825 is for pickup and delivery of both rides-Frost Transportation Report a Violation
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