1 end table / cabinet & 3 bar stools

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Shipment Title:1 end table / ca...
Shipment ID: 557140009
Customer: Chip C.
Date Listed:11/6/2018 1:06 PM CST
Date Updated: 11/8/2018 4:34 PM CST
Ended: 11/8/2018 11:59 PM CST
Offer: $250
# of Quotes: 2 (0 Active)
Auction Goods:No
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Residence / Home Business
Pickup: Ready Now

Est. Distance: 473.00 Miles
Residence / Home Business
Delivery: ASAP


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1 end table / cabinet & 3 bar stools
Total furniture items: 1
Total Weight: 20 lbs
Palletized: No
Crated: No
Stackable: No
1 end table / cabinet & 3 bar stools
L: 2 ft 8 in.  W: 3 ft 0 in.  H: 2 ft 6 in. 
20 lbs
Blanket Wrap
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Is pickup the week of 11/12 an option? Did you have a budget in mind to get this booked ASAP??Report a Violation
Response: These items are located at the EBTH warehouse in Columbus Ohio - this was previously booked w/another carrier three weeks ago but they failed to pick up items - at this point EBTH is not happy and really wants items picked up ASAP - they want me me to contact them when I am booked with carrier - more concerned with the pickup at the moment - flex on delivery date to me - think they may b willing to give me more time if I can get something booked & confirmed - budget is $ 200 - $ 25011/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: soonest i can pick up is the 19th11/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: Will have to ck w/EBTH on that - what amount are you quoting to me to ship with you company delivering to me in NC?11/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: 25011/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: Ok - I reached out to EBTH- they really want items picked up by the middle/end of next week - can u work that out or no?11/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: No11/7/2018Report a Violation
Response: Please put an official quote in so I can accept and get it booked - thank u!11/8/2018Report a Violation
i can pick up this afternoon and deliver next week for 250. If that works please reply asap and i will put in bid. Thank youReport a Violation
Response: Can u still pick up today or tomorrow- just saw this was in a meeting - please let me know asap11/8/2018Report a Violation
Response: It's probably too late for pick up today but I can more than likely pick it up tomorrow I'm actually headed down to Tennessee so I can probably make that job the weekend maybe Monday if that works11/8/2018Report a Violation
Response: Need definite pickup for tomorrow so I can alert the dock - the ladies name is Aurora - these items are at the [content removed - direction offsite] in Columbus - reach back if you need the physical address - it is a business obviously - the three bar stools have green leather seats and fabric backs - they need to stay super clean because I am using them as is - am not recovering - the cabinet needs some work but do not want it to get any worse from shipping - they have me listed as William but everyone calls me Chip - if u can do this please submit quote do I can book - reach back and let me know from here - my home no. is [content removed - attempt to circumvent the site] if u need to talk to me - my cell does not work well for calls st my house but texts/emails are good - if u want to text my cell is [content removed - attempt to circumvent the site] - thank you!11/8/2018In Violation
Is pick up a at a residence or the businessReport a Violation
Response: This pickup is at a business - EBTH warehouse in Columbus- the name of the lady is Aurora - the bar stools are going to b used as is do they need to stay super clean - cabinet needs work but not want the condition to be any worse than it is - need definite confirmation for pickup tomorrow- do you need physical address of no? Please reach back and let me know so j can alert warehouse - please submit quote- thank you!11/8/2018Report a Violation
If the price 250 is good I need you to change it so I can accept the bid you've got it listed for 200 will pick up tomorrow any Columbus as soon as I have the shipping order and the bill of lading I can let you know a pick up time and yes I would like to have the address and the number of the the woman in charge that I need to speak with Aurora I believe you said her name was so that way I can keep in communication with her and let her know what time I'll be there exactly to get it in the morningReport a Violation
Response: That has all been completed -please accept as my listing expires in 6 hrs.! Thank you !11/8/2018Report a Violation
Response: Okk thank you chip11/8/2018Report a Violation
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