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Entity type: Carrier
Insurance (Confirm coverage of shipment through provider or personal policy): Insurance for over the road and in water delivery is the responsibility of the owner/shipper
CDL#: Upon Request
Categories Served: Boats, Horses & Livestock, Household Goods, LTL, Motorcycles, Other Goods, Pets & Livestock, Special Care, Vehicles
Trailer Type: Other
Payment must be made in full prior to final transfer of property, no exceptions. Communications can be made at any time during transport, via phone/email. For in water delivery, boat needs to be fueled and ready for transit. All USCG required items present on boat i.e. lifejackets, fire extinguishers, type IV throwable PFD etc.., in the event of a U.S. Coast Guard boarding. Boat will normally be crewed by two, a USCG licensed Captain of 100 tons or greater and a mate. Boat will be delivered by most expeditious, economical and safe route. I have 100% access to Military and State port facilities (Military ID and TWIC card) for pick up and delivery purposes.

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