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I have ben hauling cars, trucks, and boats, and small equiptment for about 20 years. I take great pride in doing this. i use uship to fill the gaps in between hauls or if i am going empty somewear i keep the price as low as i can.i have two trucks that stay on the road full time and 3. 3axle boat trailer's and 2. 7 ton eqmnt haulers and one 53ft hauler and 1 34ft hauler and 2 single car haulers.i keep all my eqmnt in tip top shape allways new tires.and clean all the eqmnt all the time so your things look good going down the road.i always take pics at the pick up point and if any thing is wrong i call and let you know before i leave so you can file any reports you mite need to and i allways check loads every time i stop for fuel or rest. i do not leave my loads when loaded we all sleep in are trucks to protect you things.thanks william cherry from conway south carolina
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Rating: Positive
Left by: Allen G.
On: 2/10/2009
For: 16 ft Ranger Bass boat...
Very capable, on time and careful. I was last on route, gave me the same service as if I was first.
Rating: Positive
Left by: Robert G.
On: 2/4/2009
For: Golf Cart
This shipper is excellent. He even arrived early. He lets you know everything and does more than he promises. I totally recommend him.
Rating: Positive
Left by: Kevin C.
On: 1/31/2009
For: 1958 Buick Century / 1...
Great Guy to Work With, Timely Delivery, Excellent Communication, Hope to do Business many times in the future! Thanks.
Rating: Cancellation
Left by: Alan S.
On: 1/29/2009
For: 10 vehicles for transport
The service provider is not able to accommodate this shipment Misunderstanding in pickup times.
Rating: Cancellation
Left by: Bruce S.
On: 1/27/2009
For: 79 malibu from memphis...
The Service Provider is not able to accommodate this shipment
Response from William C.:
hit deer in la. unabel to fix in time
Rating: Cancellation
On: 1/20/2009
For: 2008 Infiniti G35 Sedan
The Service Provider is not able to accommodate this shipment
Response from William C.:
my truck was getting injectors replaced and dealer did not finish truck intime to get on road.
Rating: Positive
Left by: Betty L.
On: 1/10/2009
For: Horse trailer
Bill and his wife are wonderful! I could not have had any better people to handle my trailer! FAST, HONEST, DEPENDABLE! What more could anyone ask for. THANK YOU!
Rating: Positive
Left by: Scott B.
On: 12/25/2008
For: 1 Pallets (48" x 40")
Bill did a great job with my delivery. I would recommend him and use him again any day.
Rating: Positive
Left by: Dan F.
On: 12/25/2008
For: 2003 Honda S2000
Mr Cherry did an excellent job in keeping me informed of the status of my shipment. Drivers very nice and did a great job in transporting car without damage. Would use again.
Response from William C.:
car arrived 12 hours early
Rating: Positive
Left by: Charles B.
On: 12/17/2008
For: Chevrolet : Impala
Bill went out of his way to provide excellent service. He arrrived well prepared and took care of business. Great guy that I would use again. Thanks,
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Rating: Cancellation
Left for: Scot C.
On: 8/14/2009
For: 1993 Silverton 312
There was a change to the shipping price or terms that could not be resolved
Rating: Positive
Left for: cwhig
On: 8/11/2009
For: NEW concession Trailer
very nice to work for.would haul for him again.
Rating: Cancellation
Left for: Thorin C.
On: 8/7/2009
For: 29 ft Century Cortez 3...
I am no longer able to accommodate this shipment
Response from Thorin C.:
Very helpful and mindful of the situation with me deployed. Mutaual cancelation. Would book with again.
Rating: Positive
Left for: Alexander F.
On: 7/29/2009
For: searay 280 sundancer
great to work with had every body at loading place ready for me every thing went well any time they need me i will haul for them again thanks bill.
Rating: Positive
Left for: Rich J.
On: 7/29/2009
For: 2007 Formula 280SS
great to work with helped out with the loading and unloading any time he needs me again i would love to haul for him again
Rating: Positive
Left for: Gary B.
On: 7/22/2009
For: NEAL 550 Asphalt Sealc...
very nice guy to haul for every thing went well would haul for him again.
Rating: Positive
Left for: Stephen M.
On: 7/19/2009
For: 19ft Grady White Tourn...
very nice guy to haul for wood haul for him any time again.
Rating: Positive
Left for: Bruce S.
On: 7/9/2009
For: 1993 Sea Ray 290 Sunda...
great guy to haul for he had every thing ready for me to pick up and was very nice every time i talked to him.he even came down the road for me when my gps did not find his house.any time he needs something hauld i would love to haul for him again.
Rating: Positive
Left for: Jose E.
On: 6/28/2009
For: Pontoon Boat - SanPan ...
it went very well. very nice pepole to work with.i would haul any time he needs it again.
Rating: Negative
Left for: mobilehomemover
On: 6/23/2009
For: 50-100 Travel Trailers
campers are not all the same they were 2-3 thousand pounds more apeace and the time line for us to get out was changed every day spent more money and time then made no lites on some flat tires on most bent axles on most bad bearings on some told him and did not offer more money for my time and trucks and drivers.
Response from mobilehomemover:
This guy just bid too cheap, then wanted a way out. Never even called to let us know he quit...just went home! He was told there was a variety of campers. He should have expected the weights to vary. Most 26' campers weigh less than 35' campers... The guy just wasn't what he represented himself to be. Didn't have the trucks he claimed or the manpower. Lots of talk...Very little action.
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