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Hugh H.|ID #93436240
Quote Accepted Oct 17, 2009 | Listed Oct 16, 2009


Oklahoma City, OK 73179 US

Business (with loading dock or forklift)


Bay City, TX 77414 US

Residence / Home Business

530 mi.
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530Total mi.
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24 x 10 x 20 in


25 lbs


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White Glove

LTL Freight & Packaging

LTL Standard


Special Instructions

This is a small item that needs to be picked up, repacked, and shipped with insurance for $2500 coverage. Any national carrier or USPS is acceptable though other shipment methods will be considered. All paperwork and contact information will be provided. Shipper will need to schedule pickup/load-out with the facility. Item MUST be picked up by Oct 27, 2009. Shipment date is flexible but must occur before December 10, 2009. Security Procedures for pickup at government facility: Must have current ID, proof of car insurance and current car registration. This is a small item and it should be an easy shipment. Due to the value of the item we will only accept shippers with a minimum of 2 feedback. This is an excellent opportunity for a small or fairly new shipper trying to get established. Thank you for your time and your bid.