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Jason S.|ID #925030765
Quote Accepted May 01, 2007 | Listed Apr 30, 2007


Bellbrook, OH 45305 US

Residence / Home Business


Newark, TX 76071 US

Business (with loading dock or forklift)

1,038 mi.
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1,038Total mi.
0Total Items


Shipment Details


Custom Fiberglass Golf Car Body


Less Than Truckload


Additional Info

Special Instructions

I have a custom golf car body that I need to be picked up in Bellbrook, Ohio and delivered to Newark, Texas... Item will be secured up on it's side on a custom made pallet...The bottom 2/3rds of the body will be crated in wood on all sides, with the top 1/3rd securely wrapped with shrink wrap. Body only weighs 150-175 pounds, and the custom pallet/crated will be approximately 250 pounds...I would imagine that the total weight would be closer to 400 pounds, but I cannot be sure at this time. Item will need to be picked up at a residential location, but he does have a forklift to load the crate. Item will be delivered to a fully equipped receiving dock in Newark, Texas...Just North West of Fort Worth.