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Eric S.|ID #881271034
Quote Accepted Aug 08, 2007 | Listed Aug 06, 2007


Valparaiso, IN 46385 US

Residence / Home Business


Bellefonte, PA 16823 US

Residence / Home Business

529 mi.
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Unique Antique Store Display Case Original Conditi




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White Glove

Blanket Wrap

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Hi all, I'm looking to move a wooden display case (6' x 27" x 44") from Valpariso, IN to Bellefonte, PA: a straight shot right across I 80 (a hair shor of 535 miles.) Valpariso is less than 10 miles from I 80, and Bellefonte is about 5. It's a supercool antique wooden display case, made of oak and plywood, and I'd love to get my hands on the beast sometime in mid sept. A few important notes: (1) The weight is only and *estimate*, I'll try to get a better idea from the sellar (I got it on ebay), but in the meantime I'm running on a best guess as an amatuer woodworker whose spend weeks loading lumber onto the car. (2) The case is on wheels, which should help loading (3) I'm not sure if the folks in Valparioso can help with the loading, but I can certainly help here in Bellefonte. (4) No need for white-glove service. It's 'antique' which means used. It is, however, very cool, so I only ask that the thing NOT GET BROKEN. A reasonable amount of care is fine with me (e.g. few blankets & secure ride.) A few more scratches don't matter. (5) All payments to take place in mid sept, when I'll be in town full time. If you're headed down I80 with a bit of room to spare, let me know!