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Laura|ID #861665077
Quote Accepted May 04, 2023 | Listed May 02, 2023


Okaloosa Island, FL 32548 US

Business (without loading dock or forklift)

After May 02


Beach Haven, NJ 08008 US

Business (without loading dock or forklift)

Before Jun 21

1,159 mi.
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1,159Total mi.
1Total Items
150Total lbs

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Shipment Details


Small Sailboat


Sail Boats

Total Weight

150 lbs

Total Quantity



Item 1: Item 1


144 x 56 x 24 in

Make & Model

RS Feva

On Trailer



150 lbs


Additional Info

Requested Service Type(s)

Open Transport

Enclosed Transport

Flatbed Transport

Tow Away

Special Instructions

This is a small, lightweight sailboat. The length is 12’0”. The width is 4’8”. The weight is 140 lbs. The boat sits on a lightweight, steel dolly w/ 2 small wheels (the wheels are about 5’ apart) and ideally should be transported on this dolly and strapped down firmly w/ ratchet straps. The height of the boat while strapped down on dolly is about 3 feet high. The ideal set up for transporting this boat would be in a box trailer, on top of a flatbed trailer or possibly small car hauler type trailer. The boat should stay on its’ dolly and be strapped down good w/ ratchet straps. The masts (light, aluminum poles) will be down and disassembled into 3 sections each about 10ft long. These should ideally go inside the tow vehicle or get lashed down to the trailer well. The sails for this boat will be rolled up in bags (about 8ft long) and must be transported inside vehicle. The rudder and centerboard are 2ft long and must be transported inside tow vehicle.



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