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Ashley G.|ID #804517807
Quote Accepted Oct 14, 2021 | Listed Oct 14, 2021


Buckeye, AZ 85326 US

Residence / Home Business

After Oct 15


Holt, MO 64048 US

Residence / Home Business

Before Nov 30

1,316 mi.
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1,316Total mi.
0Total Items
550Total lbs

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Farm Pets: 2 goats & 3 piggies


Other Pets & Livestock


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Greetings and sorry for the déjà vu but yes, this is a repost. I’m new to uShip and apparently deleted my listing and all the responses received so if you previously offered, please do so again! Sorry for the error! We are in need of transportation of our farm pets (2 goats & 3 pigs) from AZ to MO. Prefer a non-stop transport but if an overnight is necessary, please provide appropriate accommodations like food/water/security from theft/runaway. Also, please transport in horse-trailer or similar (something with at least two stalls, 1 for the pigs to share and 1 for the goats to share). No crate/cage in bed of truck please. Thank you for helping to reunite our farm pets - we’ve surely missed them!