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Mike F.|ID #746320278
Expired Apr 10, 2018 | Listed Apr 07, 2018


Balzac, AB T0M 0E0 CA

Business (with loading dock or forklift)

On Apr 08


Nisku, AB T9E 8H6 CA

Ritchie Bros. Auction Sales Site

Before Apr 16

154 mi.
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154Total mi.
1Total Items
39,002Total lbs

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Shipment Details


can you get 3 pups on your 53' step?


Pup Trailer

Total Weight

39,002 lbs

Total Quantity


Needs assistance loading


Needs assistance unloading


On a truck or trailer


Preferred truck or trailer type

Step Deck, Flatbed Double


Item 1: Item 1


168 x 96 x 102 in




13,001 lbs


Tandem gravel pups Renn southland


Additional Info

Special Instructions

Michener calgary to rba Nisku. Would work fine for super b flats with two on the lead using the overhang with hitches staggered side by side or one hitch under the other and then one trailer on your pup. Gooseneck electric guys yes you could make three trips. Pintle hitch pullers - we have no idea how the tires brakes and lights are, and there's no plates. Step deck guys....we would do it ourselves, but we have an air ramp 48 foot step deck, so we can utilize the rear overhang due to our ramps, and we're only 48' long. We need your 53 footer and your ability to hang off the back. If your concerned of the front trailer pole up on your kick pointing in the air, the loader could lift a tailgate so the pole from the trailer on your kick could poke into the box of the trailer on your lower deck. Weights are per trailer, boxes are 14ft, 14ft, 13 ft. Pole hitches are aprox 12, 12 and 8. Rate of $1200 is for all three ($400 each). Please we don't need to hear your reasons why it won't work, we need to hear your creative ideas of how you could maybe make it work. We are happy positive people who only work with happy positive people. Visa Mc etransfer, no cash, no up front deposits.