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Lisa M.|ID #696665029
Quote Accepted Nov 05, 2012 | Listed Oct 28, 2012


Rocky Mount, NC 27801 US

Residence / Home Business

Between Nov 05 - Nov 06


Jacksonville, NC 28546 US

Residence / Home Business

Before Nov 15

109 mi.
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109Total mi.
1Total Items
10,000Total lbs

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Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

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Item 1: Item 1

Year, Make, Model

1964 Dodge Travco




10,000 lbs


252 x 84 x 108 in

RV Type

Class A Motorhome


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The outside construction is fiberglass, and was told it is not so heavy. I was not exact on what this weighs but from reading literature of similar Travco's, I believe I am fairly close on the weight. I will be honest and say I need the very best price possible due to a situation that has recently left me both emotionally and financially crippled. On September 24th the home I had been renting for some ten years was destroyed due to a electrical fire, and I had no renters insurance. My dog and all my earthly belongings perished in this fire. Now being left homeless, I set out to find something to live in until I will be able to afford something more stable. I was told it had some brake issues not sure what is required to load it, ya'll know better than me on this issue. Please advise To validate my story, I have included links. I know none work for nothing and I don't expect them to, just want to share my story, in the hopes you would understand my situation and considerate it when placing your bids. [content removed - direction offsite] Thanks so much, Lisa~