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Theodora T.|ID #640192110
Quote Accepted Nov 19, 2022 | Listed Nov 17, 2022


Urbana, IL 61801 US

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On Dec 15


Grove City, FL 34224 US

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Before Dec 17

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A little 3 pound very docile older deaf ferret needs to get to us. His natural cage, that has a handle, is 35 inches long, 14 inches wide and 14 inches high. It has a pull out tray with puppy pads. We have a blanket we use to cover the cage and put under it to protect our car seats when we travel with him. Nothing spills, and the ferret, Baby, makes no noise and is extremely docile and sweet. We can buy a smaller cage/carrier, if necessary, but I've transported him about 12 times back and forth from Florida to Chicago in my car in the back seat with a bed sheet over the seat. We are trying to keep the costs down to under $400 for ground transport. We will work with the transporter as best as we can.