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Robbie R.|ID #536547720
Quote Accepted Jun 17, 2009 | Listed Jun 15, 2009


Austin, TX 78705 US

Residence / Home Business


Austin, TX 78704 US

Residence / Home Business

13 mi.
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3 BR Apt or 2 BR House

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This is a house, but we are renting so the move will be more like an apartment move. We wont have any appliances to move, and everything that's in the house now was previously filling a 1 BR apt, so although I'm listing this as a 2 BR house, the amount will be more like a large 1 BR apt move. Looking for full service movers, to bring boxes, tape and pack up all of our stuff. Setting up bed/dressers, large items will be required at the destination. -2 dressers -2 queen sized beds -1 small desk -1 42 in' flat screen tv -1 2 seat couch -1 ottoman -1 tv stand -Electronics (stereo receiver, dvd player, DVDs) -3 lamps -1 open dresser/tv stand (no drawers, just shelves) -2 small closets full of hang-up clothes (will fit in 2 wardrobe boxes, we can always move what doesnt fit in boxes in our cars) -1 portable wardrode full of coats -1 small kitchen table with 4 chairs -1 small non-rolling desk chair -Kitchen tools (pots, pans, bowls, blender, crock pot, etc. Not too much stuff) -1 3 burner propane grill -various bedding and winter clothes that will probably fill 2 to 3 med-large boxes -2 24in TVs -A small bathroom should only be 1 or 2 boxes -This should be about