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John C.|ID #469250057
Quote Accepted Aug 19, 2018 | Listed Aug 19, 2018


Montreal, QC H2Y 3X4 CA

Business (without loading dock or forklift)

Between Aug 19 - Aug 20


Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, QC J6T 4B4 CA

Business (without loading dock or forklift)

Between Aug 19 - Aug 20

49 mi.
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49Total mi.
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Seadoo from Montreal


Personal Watercraft

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Item 1: Item 1

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Move Seadoo watercraft from Montreal to Salaberry de Valleyfield


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Open Transport

Enclosed Transport

Flatbed Transport

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Special Instructions

Nous sommes sur un voyage Waverunner sur une longue distance et essayons de franchir les écluses commerciales de la rivière Saint-Laurent sur lesquelles nous ne sommes pas autorisés dans un Waverunner. à une rampe de mise à l'eau de Montréal et transporter deux personnes et Waverunner sur des terres à environ 30 milles au sud d'une autre rampe de mise à l'eau à Salaberry de valleyfield. We are on a long distance Waverunner trip and trying to get past the commercial locks on st Laurence river that we are not allowed in on a Waverunner so need someone with a roll back flat bed or trailer to meet us today Sunday August 19 or Monday morning at a Montreal boat ramp and carry two people and Waverunner over land about 30 miles south to another boat ramp in Salaberry de valleyfield.