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Jonathan M.|ID #466744667
Quote Accepted Apr 15, 2007 | Listed Apr 14, 2007


saratoga springs, NY 12866 US

Business (without loading dock or forklift)


Birmingham, AL 35243 US

Residence / Home Business

1,120 mi.
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1,120Total mi.
0Total Items
0Total lbs

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URGENT - Embroidery Machines, Stands from NY to AL


Other Special Care Items


1 x 1 x 1 in


500 lbs


Additional Info

Special Instructions

The machines can be removed from the stands. You will be shipping from a business to a residence. At the business, you will need to take these items done some stairs. At delivery in Birmingham, no stairs. I MAY be able to get the owner of the equipment (at the place of pickup) to take the items downstairs and you can pick up from there. I will let you know. Please CONFIRM you can fit the following in your truck/trailer/van: - Toyota 850 embroidery machine which is ABOUT 30"w x 24"d x 28"h - Toyota 820 embroidery machine which is ABOUT is 30"x29"x27" - Toyota 850 stand which is 30x32x26 - Toyota 820 stand which is 29x40x47 - Hooping station which is 27x31x36 - A computer - A computer monitor - Computer accessories - A few boxes of embroidery accessories and supplies (Such as thread, backings & all supplies, hoops, and anything else they may have boxed up such as manuals, etc.) These machines are FRAGILE - please take care. Will require $4000 of FULL Insurance. They work now, and they need to work upon delivery. Must package them well or crate. Again, they need to work upon delivery.