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Blake G.|ID #356566029
Quote Accepted Nov 12, 2009 | Listed Nov 08, 2009


Pleasanton, CA 94588 US

Business (without loading dock or forklift)


Yukon, OK 73099 US

Business (with loading dock or forklift)

1,577 mi.
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1,577Total mi.
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5,500Total lbs

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Item 1: Item 1


305 x 100 x 96 in

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Mastercraft X-Star

On Trailer



5,500 lbs


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This is a repost sort of cause pickup location has changed and the buying took longer then expected. This is a brand new boat that I am buying from a new dealer out in california. It will be shipped to Oklahoma City area and when it is delivered the shipper will have to go to get it notarized with me from my understanding from the dealer. Trailer does not have a spare tire or wheel on it. Paperwork on boat should hopefully be done by Friday the 11/13 and hopefully ready to be shipped by Monday the 11/16 or Tuesday the 11/17. Looking into having the boat wrapped for protection. I am looking for bids on Trailering my boat/trailer on another trailer that way my trailer isnt on the ground but would have to be a self loading trailer cause no docks at pickup or drop off. If you offer this please let me know, if not then please still leave me a bid on just a tow away cause I have to ship this one way or another. Pickup will have to be during normal business hours and drop off has to be during business hours cause we will have to get to a Notary to sign boat over to me. Thanks Everyone!!!