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James V.|ID #277977556
Quote Accepted Nov 16, 2016 | Listed Nov 15, 2016


Ilkley, LS29 7SP GB

Residence / Home Business

Between Nov 21 - Nov 22


London, SW6 6BL GB

Residence / Home Business

Between Nov 22 - Nov 24

212 mi.
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212Total mi.
1Total Rooms
0Pickup Stories
0Delivery Stories


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Small Studio

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White Glove

Blanket Wrap

Mover, Self Service


Special Instructions

1 Bedroom room worth of belongings, could probably share van load with a number of other loads. NO FURNITURE. Already packed. Pick up from ground floor and transfer to ground floor. With the exception of two mirrors, nothing fragile or valuable. This load includes and is limited to: 1) 10 stackable storage boxes, smaller than regular move boxes- Dimensions: 53.2 x 38.4 x 36.8 cm. The boxes will contain household items. Full description of the boxes are below: 2) 2 small mirrors; both approximately 27x39 inches. Both will be wrapped in bubble wrap and non-valuable. 3) Bedding, which has already been packed into a single cardboard moving box. No mattress, just sheets and duvets. Packs down quite small. 4) 3-5 other household items which may not fit into a box (e.g. laundry drying rack). All small and packable. A similar amount of items was done in the opposite route by a u-shipper for £150.00. However, on that route there were more items and that included a mattress and bike (this does not). This has less items, so looking for less than that.