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Joe|ID #232250188
Quote Accepted Nov 27, 2018 | Listed Oct 19, 2018


Shamokin Dam, PA 17876 US

Business (without loading dock or forklift)

After Nov 26


Marietta, GA 30067 US

Residence / Home Business

Before Dec 22

762 mi.
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762Total mi.
0Total Items
75Total lbs

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Shipment Details


Antique Barrister Bookcase




51 x 11 x 61 in


75 lbs


This is an antique barrister bookcase. This can be broken down into 6 sections. There is a top, bottom, and then the four sections. The height of the Sections from Top to Bottom: 1st section- 9.5 inches 2nd section- 9.5 inches 3rd section- 11.5 inches 4th section- 13 inches Plus the top and the bottom sections. The weight we entered is just an estimate weight.

Item Packaging

Every piece of this will need to be wrapped in blankets to ensure that nothing will be broken during transport.


Additional Info

Requested Service Type(s)

White Glove

Blanket Wrap

LTL Freight & Packaging

LTL Standard




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