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Kayleena C.|ID #221925344
Quote Accepted Apr 18, 2018 | Listed Feb 23, 2018


Miami, FL 33131 US

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Before Apr 19


Amherst, NH 03031 US

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Between Apr 20 - Apr 23

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Angel, a Siberian Husky's New Home



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Siberian Husky







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She's a sweetie who has been through a lot of loss and change, like loosing her mom to cancer. Just telling her she's a "pretty girl" and some chest rubs will put her at ease and let her know someone cares. This is a really tough but dire situation for me and her, so any reassuring pets and "good girl's" when you can are greatly appreciated.


40 lbs


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When myself and Angel's mom passed away, I, of course, took her in. However, after much of a fight to keep her I finally came to a point where I'm realizing that my having her is being more selfish for me than is what's right for her. She's ten years old however, I'm only 26 and in a place in life where I have to work a lot therefore barely have the proper time to give her all the walks and attention she needs and deserves. I love her so dearly that I want to give her, her perfect home now rather than later... so after a year I finally have found a foster couple that already love her, AND are living close by myself and Angel's brother! This is a really hard thing for me to do as I feel I'm loosing another family member, even if temporarily. She and I have been through a lot and she's definitely aware of it. It's VITAL to me that she arrive there as safely and comfortably as possible. I wish I could rent a car and drive her there, however, I don't have the financial means or time to do so. I have to move into a new place and finding one that allows her breed here has been very tough. This all makes me really uncomfortable, so please, dog lovers only! We've both been through enough.