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Bob S.|ID #197523871
Expired Apr 03, 2012 | Listed Mar 08, 2012


Niantic, CT 06357 US

Residence / Home Business

After Mar 14


Rochester, MN 55901 US

Business (with loading dock or forklift)

Between Mar 15 - Apr 02

1,253 mi.
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1,253Total mi.
2Total Items
1,200Total lbs

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Power Boats

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Item 1: Item 1


204 x 100 x 78 in

Make & Model

Top Boat is a Powercat 15X Race hull, 6'6 is the max height for both boats.

On Trailer



600 lbs

Item 2: Item 2


204 x 100 x 78 in

Make & Model

2 Powercat boats stacked, Bottom boat is a Powercat 15c

On Trailer



600 lbs


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Both Boats are on a double jetski trailer custom built for powercats,The yellow boat is 15' and is on the bottom the red boat which is also 15' is on a Jig and will be on top of the yellow boat. Neither boat has motors and the total weight is about 1300lbs. Both of these boats are very rare and are on there way to our marine museum here in Minnesota. We are a family funded museum so we do not have deep pockets and need to get this done safely and cheaply. Powercats are performance boats of the 60s and they were originally shipped to dealers stacked in this way. The specs for the Jig came from one of the original sons of the Powercat company. The base trailer is 100" wide wheel to wheel so this would have to be hauled on a flat deck car or wedge trailer. AS of Monday 3/19 this can be pulled by a rollback with a stinger or a standard pickup truck now. We have replaced the tires and wheel bearings and have added 2 spare tires to boot. Contact me for further questions. Note the address, we are between both cities. GPS the byron address. This must be done by someone that cares for there load and has good feedback.