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Melinda K.|ID #189436516
Quote Accepted Nov 30, 2021 | Listed Nov 30, 2021


Columbia, MO 65202 US

Residence / Home Business

Between Nov 30 - Dec 10


Moyers, OK 74557 US

Residence / Home Business

Between Dec 01 - Dec 30

480 mi.
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480Total mi.
0Total Items
5,000Total lbs

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F250 on Car Hauler - Columbia MO to Moyers OK




240 x 84 x 120 in


5,000 lbs


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Open Transport

Tow Away

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Dates of pickup/drop off are flexible. We’ll need to communicate to make sure we’ve got the right person in the right place to get loaded up / unloaded. Trailer is a Doolittle XT8418 with bulldog hitch for 2-5/16” ball. New trailer brake / battery. Vehicle is a 1983 F250 extended cab. Bring your own straps, tie downs to make sure your load is secure. We won’t take offense. Pickup site is easy. Wide drive. No access issues. Drop off site is cabin with steep hill on last turn in. Relative who built the cabin states he’s literally had big trucks and 18 wheelers up there to get chipped rock hauled down the mountain. But it is steep. I do recommend a four wheel drive in case it’s necessary considering the weight of load. I do not know the actual curb weight of the trailer or truck. I did find this on the web for the’83: “ The Ford F250 models had the same dimensions and weight. Whatever the engine, the truck was 211 inches long, 80 inches wide and 72 inches high. The wheelbase measured 132 inches. The pickup truck weighed 4,260 lbs. without and 7,600 lbs. with liquids.” Liquids are minimal.