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karsten H.|ID #113149587
Quote Accepted Apr 23, 2021 | Listed Apr 23, 2021


Newtown Square, PA 19073 US

Business (without loading dock or forklift)

Before Apr 29


Franklin, TN 37064 US

Residence / Home Business

Between Apr 30 - May 04

815 mi.
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815Total mi.
1Total Rooms
1Pickup Stories
1Delivery Stories

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everything but two things are packed and ready,


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Blanket Wrap


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There is also one 3 seta sofa (can be broken down into 3 parts) one 5x2 ottoman (light) 2 nightables 1x1x2 each, a tempur pedic mattress (I have a special shipping bag for it) the frame(can be disassembled) and a 55 inch TV. Everything but the last block is packed and ready. This is a ground floor walk out, truck can be parked 2 feet from the door. All he boxes and stuff you see on the picture measure up to about 6x6x7 feet. Not sure about the weight, some things are a bit heavier but I moved everything by hand to where it is. I can and will help loading unloading, Shouldnt take more than 2 hours on each side, Be aware the sofa part will go to the second floor at the target address (house)