SaferWatch™ Monitoring

Get SaferWatch Monitored to book loads instantly through Book It Now, get exclusive access to brokered loads and strengthen your reputation.

What is SaferWatch™?

SaferWatch is a third-party service that monitors the authority, insurance (in conjunction with their partner Assure Assist, Inc.) and business information from your uShip account matched with FMCSA records. SaferWatch constantly monitors this information for changes and syncs any FMCSA updates with your uShip account.

Why should I be SaferWatch Monitored?
  • Exclusive access to brokered loads - These loads have low flat fees and are posted by brokers that are serious about shipping (non-monitored carriers can still quote in the marketplace).
  • Strengthen your reputation – In the transportation industry, change is constant. Customers and brokers want assurance that the company they choose to work with has in place core standards of the highest level. The ‘SaferWatch’ monitored check on your profile provides customers and brokers with that assurance and earns you an extra level of trust.
  • Work towards becoming a Power Carrier - Once you're SaferWatch monitored, every load you book counts toward your Power Carrier status. Without being SaferWatch monitored, you only receive credit for shipments you book in certain categories.
How do I become SaferWatch Monitored?
  • 1.Provide the required company information within your uShip profile.
  • 2.We will send this information to SaferWatch for monitoring- and we'll cover the cost! (Note: You may receive a call from SaferWatch’s insurance monitoring partner, Assure Assist, regarding your insurance coverage.)
  • 3.You will receive an email notification when you are approved or declined.

Once you are approved, you will automatically have access to all the benefits of a SaferWatch Monitored carrier.

If you have any questions, please contact Member Support.