Phone Alerts

Phone Alerts are automated phone calls that let you know about uShip activity that requires your attention. uShip has partnered with Unwired Nation to bring uShip members this exciting new service. Now you can be notified via phone when you receive activity on shipments you have listed or bid on in the uShip marketplace.

How do I sign up?
Sign up for phone alerts when listing a shipment or modify your communication preferences here.
How do phone alerts work?

Shippers are notified immediately by phone when:

  • A new bid has been placed on your shipment, including amount and expiration date
  • An answer to a question you asked about a bid has been posted

Service Providers are notified immediately by phone when:

  • A question is asked about a bid you placed on a shipment
  • A bid you’ve placed on a shipment has been accepted
Why use Phone Alerts?

Communication is essential for a successful uShip transaction. Being immediately informed about uShip activity ensures that opportunities for Shippers and Service Providers to connect are not missed.

uShip works for you-24/7* – No one can be at their computer all day, managing their uShip account. With Phone Alerts, uShip will call you with updates on important bids and questions.

The best bids are never missed - Great bids sometimes happen on weekends or are placed on a restricted timeframe and may expire or be cancelled before a Shipper can respond. To keep these bids from being missed, Phone Alerts will notify Shippers the minute a bid is placed.

The answers you need, when you need them - Because Shippers and Service Providers are called when important bid questions are asked or answered, communication occurs faster and shipments are booked more quickly.

Connect and ship 40% faster – Even if they are on the road or away from the office, we'll call Service Providers to let them know about accepted bids. This way, Shippers and Service Providers can get in contact and ship faster-in fact, by using Phone Alerts you can cut the time it takes to book a shipment in half!

*When you sign up for Phone Alerts, you can set the hours uShip should call you. No midnight calls unless you want them - we promise!