Direct your customers to uShip for large and bulky shipping services

Give your customers access to shipping rates and services, as well as nationwide truck capacity for large-format items like vehicles, furniture, motorcycles, freight, and more.


Let uShip be an extension of your business by pointing your customers to self-managed shipping that’s fast and reliable. With every successful delivery, earn incremental revenue for your business.

Why uShip?

Shipping Rates

How much does it cost to ship a sofa to SoCal, a piano to Plano, or an ATV to ATL? uShip can help. Our historical market pricing gives your customers pricing data they can’t get anywhere else.

Nationwide Capacity

uShip’s provider network has the right equipment for transporting everything from cars to motorcycles and furniture to freight. They’ve even shipped a life-size Yoda statue, they have.

Referral Partner Tiers


Ideal for businesses looking for a quick and easy way to add shipping services to their site or platform.

Let's Ship


Ideal for businesses looking for hands-on managed services and on-going support of their customer’s logistics needs.

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Ideal for high-volume LTL and automotive platforms looking to integrate the uShip experience via API.

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800,000 Shipment Listings
in 2022
40 Seconds between New Listings
35,000 Active Providers Available

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