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Van Line Agent

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Why uShip Fits Van Line Agents:

  • uShip is a shipping marketplace with thousands of moves and shipments
  • Find all types of moves including full service, self service, and drive only
  • Work directly with movers and shippers

How uShip Helps Van Line Agents

  • Build Your Business – Feedback left by past customers demonstrates your quality of service. Service Providers with high feedback get higher rates and more requests to bid
  • Manage your business – My uShip page allows you to monitor new leads, track existing bids and look up your past business
  • More Profitable Trips – Find shipments for trucks en route to make every mile count
  • No monthly fees, no sign up fees, only a transaction fee

uShip Tips for Van Line AgentsMany van line companies provide leads to their agents, but when your salary is commission based, you can never have enough leads. uShip provides Van Line Agents ways to expand their business, increase profitability, and manage it better.

After each transaction on uShip you will receive feedback. Feedback is an endorsement from a shipper, and helps you get more business on uShip. uShip has a feature called “Request A Bid” that allows shippers to directly request you for business. The more feedback you have, the more requests you receive and the more business you earn. You can also use uShip to make existing moves more profitable.

If you already have a few shipments lined up, check out uShip listings going to your destination. Chances are you’ll have room to fit another package or shipment on; adding a few extra shipments here and there can boost your profits significantly. Of course, you will need to manage all your new business.

uShip’s My uShip page lets you track all your potential, current, and past business generated through uShip. My uShip page also has a place for saved searches on routes your frequently travel, or shipments within your area. uShip is here to help the Van Line Agent generate more business, and conduct business better.