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Motorcycle Hauler

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Why uShip Fits Motorcycle Haulers

  • uShip is an online marketplace with hundreds of motorcycle shipments
  • Motorcycle shipments for enclosed bike trailers, open motorcycle trailers, and anything else
  • Build a national reputation with feedback and grow your business

How uShip Helps Motorcycle Haulers

  • More per mile – Find additional loads along your route to add to your profits
  • Loaded backhauls – uShip has shipments in all 48 states, so chances are you’ll find a haul headed to your next destination
  • Free motorcycle hauls emailed directly to you
  • No monthly fees, no sign up fees, only a transaction fee

uShip Tips for Motorcycle HaulersMost shippers would prefer to have their motorcycles transported in an enclosed bike trailer, but that isn’t always possible. So if you are using a box truck, pick up, or anything else here are a few tips to help out with the process.

  • If you don’t have a ramp, you can use a piece of 2’ x 4’, however, the wider and thicker the better. You will also need two people. It’s always better to have a piece of wood wide enough to walk up with the bike.
  • Almost everyone will prefer to have their bike standing up during transport, so make sure you have straps to tie the bike into place.
  • There is almost no reason not to tarp the bike if it’s on the back of a pick up, make sure you have a big enough tarp to cover a large motorcycle.
    When you’re out hauling bikes be careful. They can move around pretty easily and get scratched up. The better you treat the bike, the better the customer will treat your feedback and the more business you’ll do!